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  1. shimmilou

    Raffle for a DGT guitar and DG amp
  2. shimmilou

    NGDR - 2021 Cu 24-08 - Yellow Tiger

    R = Rollercoaster, for the ups and downs of this guitar purchase. The Cu 24 was on my short list, and I have seen a lot of them that were nice, but just not many that checked all the boxes for me. Usually when I found one that was appealing, I considered it for a while, then it was gone. One...
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    Did you see the PRS on "Tune in with Me" morning cartoons?
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    NUGD - 2013 Bernie Marsden - Vintage Sunburst

    I got this a couple months ago, it came with "custom alnico" pups, they sound OK. I was going to get a set of SE 245 pups, maybe some covers too, but then I saw a set of covered 58/15 S and thought they might work. Man! The pups made a huge difference, and sound like they really belong in this...
  5. shimmilou

    NGD - 2020 S2 McCarty 594 - Burnt Amber Burst

    Didn't post NGD when I got the guitar, but it definitely deserves one, even if just for pics. This post was delayed because I got the Thinline right after, and I liked it even more. When we were all discussing what we wanted to see in a new SE model, my hope was for a 594. That would have been...
  6. shimmilou

    NGD - 2020 DGT - Dark Cherry Sunburst

    I've had the guitar for a few of months now, was trying to take some good pics before I posted, but that didn't work out so well. :oops: What an awesome guitar! The sweet sounds are like a mix of vintage and modern, very distinct, articulate, chewy, with really nice smooth overtones. With the...
  7. shimmilou

    NGD - 2020 S2 McCarty 594 Thinline - McCarty Tobacco Burst

    I am a few NGDs behind, but this very recent addition is such a great guitar. Also have the S2 594 DC, with maple top, which is a fantastic guitar (love it), but like the all mahogany thinline even better. While the two guitars sound similar, both play extremely well, the thinline has a bit...
  8. shimmilou

    Are these PRS pups?

    Guitar was advertised as: "PRS SE 245 Limited Edition Bernie Marsden Signature Electric Guitar." The pups were described as: "Custom Wound ALNICO humbuckers." All others that I have seen have Zebra, or the limited edition with covered 53/10 pups. It also looks like the bridge is different than...
  9. shimmilou

    NUGD - 2011 SE One Korina

    I have wanted to get one of these for a while, thought it would be a cool addition to my collection. Saw one that was in excellent condition, all original with birds, and my offer didn't work out, then I saw this one. No birds, but it was also in excellent condition, the frets were like new, and...
  10. shimmilou

    NGD - SE Chris Robertson - Blackstone Cherry

    I actually got it from Daves a few weeks ago, but just got to hear it with the band today. What an amazing guitar! It is so responsive and articulate, with a nice variety of sounds with the switching selections and pups. The 57/08 sounds super sweet by itself, clean is great, exceptional when...
  11. shimmilou

    NUGD - 35th Ann SE Cu24 - Indonesia

    I had considered getting a new one when they first came out, but talked myself out of it because I already have a SE Cu24, and a S2 Cu24, and a SE Paul's with the TCI pups and switching. After reading some reviews, and a thread here about how the owner was convinced the pups were something other...
  12. shimmilou

    NGD - S2 Custom 24 - Violin Amber Sunburst

    Couldn't pass up this beauty. It's only an S2, it shouldn't look this good. :) I debated getting it for awhile, I already have a SE Cu 24, but glad I did, it is an awesome guitar! Although they have the same pups (it seems), the S2 has a noticeably different sound than the SE. While the sounds...
  13. shimmilou

    NGD - 2019 S2 Singlecut - Whale Blue

    Been waiting for this one for a few months. I really like these #7 pups, very bright and articulate, and seem like low or maybe medium output pups, very expressive and touch sensitive. The bridge in particular is clear and bright without being harsh, with a crispy/chewy driven tone, that is easy...
  14. shimmilou

    NBGD - 2019 SE Kingfisher - Tortoise

    Up until a couple months ago, I have only occasionally dabbled with bass. The group that I have been jamming with asked me to try bass as they often don’t have a bass player. I thought it would be fun to try it, and it is, very much, and I’m really learning a lot, using their F Jazz bass. :) I...
  15. shimmilou

    NGD - 2019 SE Paul's Guitar - Amber

    Expecting to have it in just a few hours, and after it arrives and I get a chance to check it out, I will review it. In the mean time, you can drool over the pics with me. :) The birds just look killer!
  16. shimmilou

    NUGD - 2013 SE Cu 24, 7 String

    So, on my way to a jam session, stopping at a guitar shop along the way, as I am want to do, saw this used guitar that had been there a little while, and that particular day it seemed interesting to me for some reason. I’ve never even touched a 7 string before this past weekend, and still not...
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    Own a piece of PRS history!
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    NGD - SE Cu 24 - Spalted - Indonesian Cor-Tek

    They were having a factory closeout on these at Sweetwater, couldn't resist. :) The quality/fit/feel/finish, all absolutely on par with my Korean SEs, which is to say, excellent. The body is heavy, not too heavy, but substantial feeling, just right. The fret ends are terrifically smooth, looks...
  19. shimmilou

    NGD - 2019 S2 Mira

    My guitar arrived a month early, a very pleasant surprise! It is everything I expected, luscious goodness! Fit/feel/finish/intonation/setup/looks, all seem perfect. The low output pups are terrific, very smooth, bright and harmonically rich, and the guitar has fantastic sustain even at lower...
  20. shimmilou

    NUGDx2 - SE Std 22 - SE 245 Std - 2015 Indonesian PT Wildwood

    So, while waiting (jonesing) for my Mira and SE Paul's, I saw this used SE Std 22 (MII) at Daves, for a reasonable price and I thought, what the heck, I'll take a chance. If nothing else, it looks very good (to me), and I can always mod it if needed. Overall it is in great shape, very little...