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  1. PRSAK

    Simon McBride - Deep Purple
  2. PRSAK

    Queensryche/Fates Warning

    Progmetalheads: If you haven't seen this double bill our on tour now and are a fan of these two bands be sure to make the effort and catch a show. Saw them in Albuquerque last night and was pretty blown away. Fates is opening and sound phenomenal. What a tight band. Ray sounds phenomenal...
  3. PRSAK

    N(p)AD: Archon

    New purple amp day. I finally joined the club! Not only club Archon, but the exclusive club Plum Archon. Have been thinking about it forever and when a 50w head with a maple fascia was listed on a popular gear forum a couple of weeks ago, I could resist no longer. The amp arrived two days...
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    Alter Bridge

    Anyone else catch them on tour in 2016 so far? Just saw them in Amsterdam 4 nights ago. Holy sheeeeite! I am a relatively late comer to the AB party and this was my first time seeing them live. What a tight band and just a stellar pure rock act. Nothing too fancy on stage - just a big...
  5. PRSAK

    ProgPower 2016 - Fates Warning

    Anyone going to this in Atlanta? 9-10 September. I potentially have some travel around then that could include the Friday night show with Fates Warning (John Arch on vocals!) headlining. In the planning stages now but I do think that would be pretty damn cool to see. I'm a long time FW...
  6. PRSAK

    How Loud...

    do you normally play at home/practice? Do you know? I mean actually know? I got the idea recently to spring for a cheap decibel meter (BAFX on Amazon for $18) and find out my own self. The unit arrived yesterday and while playing today, I set the meter on a stool just in front of where...
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    George Lynch - PRS

    Any Lynch fans remember him playing PRS? I do not but here is the evidence: Lynch PRS by Paul Andrews, on Flickr
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    NGD CU 24 - First Quilt!

    Actually, a couple of weeks old now but this one is too damn cool not to share. I’ve wanted a quilt top for a long time and when I saw this one, it just said “pick me.” A one-piece top no less and one of the “Killer Quilt” series in 2009. I love the deep Fire Red (Hell’s own!). Beyond the looks...
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    Tops - one piece versus two piece

    The recent thread on Les's new 30th Anniversary CU24 ( got me thinking about this. Why/when is the decision made to "bookmatch" the top on the guitar versus just using the one piece. It seems to me that the effect that is...
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    Joe Bonamassa - 3 Kings Tribute

    Having seen all three of the Muddy Wolf shows last summer, I am really looking forward to this next "tribute" tour. Red Rocks last August was about the coolest show I've ever seen and I've seen a lot! Check out the dates for the 3 Kings and catch a show near you...