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  1. Rusty Chos

    A sad used Hollowbody II

    Dropped into a local guitar store the other day to look for a Joe Pass book, and they had an SE and a Core Used Hollowbody II hanging high. This place is like a pawn shop btw, and the attitude of the staff reflects that. After they determined I was a “serious potential buyer” they got the...
  2. Rusty Chos


    I love my 58 stripper for its sound, understated elegance, and simplicity. Ya just can’t have favorite children I know, but do you have a “special” relationship with any of your PRS guitars?
  3. Rusty Chos

    NUGD Artist

  4. Rusty Chos

    test pic 594

    Ok, my 2018 McCarty 594 10 top Trying to learn embedding from photo bucket
  5. Rusty Chos

    What’s your most $pendy guitar?

    OK, sort of a sister question to “...cheapest guitar? My 2018 McCarty 594 ten top is my most spendiest PRS, at $3700 new. My Gibson L-5 (still in the stable) was a couple grand North of that, even used. Different tools for different jobs, even though I haven’t touched the L-5 in some months...
  6. Rusty Chos

    Favorite guitar?

    I know it’s socially forbidden to pick out a favorite child, but I have to admit a partsocaster Tele I assembled 10 or so years ago is still my favorite accomplice for various music crimes. As far as my PRS stable, I’d have to admit my Paul’s Guitar has a neck that just is the perfect carve for...
  7. Rusty Chos

    What’s your cheapest guitar?

    I’ll admit there are some cheap guitars amidst the clutter of stuff in my man cave and other places. I keep a Squire Affinity Telecaster ($200) behind the seat in my pickup truck, just in case (bag actually). Then I also have a cheap brown yucky lookin’ Ibanez archtop hollowbody I grabbed in...
  8. Rusty Chos

    NGD used Paul’s!

    NGD Well, new to ME guitar day: Mint used 2013 Paul’s Guitar. Faded Blue jeans, brush birds, McCarty stop tail piece w brass rods imbedded, mini-toggles, narrow 408 pu’s. Resonant snappy and versatile!
  9. Rusty Chos

    You guys use your piezo bridge sounds much?

    I'm extremely happy with my Cu22 w 57/08 pu's, but started thinking that for a couple ballads we do in a band I'm in having an acoustic sound would be more perfect. I once had a MIJ Telecaster with a flat top bridge w piezo and a single Lace sensor (blue) in the neck position that got a...
  10. Rusty Chos

    Newby with two questions

    Hey howdy all, I'm new to this forum, though I've had PRS guitars over the years (a Hollowbody II some years ago which was OK at the time but not what I was looking for sound wise I guess; I presently have a 2001 Swamp Ash, and just purchased a new 2013 Custom 22 w trem and "10" top, which I...