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  1. Mattsiatti

    So after one year in the Middle East

    Hey everyone, Finally got home to my lil family.. I forgot how beautifully the custom 24 sounds and plays, the 594 i hadn't played before took a chance on it via online shopping (would only do this with a prs, so kudos guys for building such wonderful instruments ) anyway, it feels nice to play...
  2. Mattsiatti

    Would anyone mind??

    im working away from home till June (away from my prs) But I have a crappy acoustic here was just messing round harmonising some scales and a simple little tune started to take shape it's really nothing complex or fancy But When I'm done Could I post here just to share with some nice people
  3. Mattsiatti

    Music theory

    just wondered how y'all feel about it. How does it help your playing? What do you enjoy studying? Personally I love it, find it fascinating
  4. Mattsiatti

    What's everyone playing this weekend?

    I've been practising my rhythm playing with some Nile rogers esque funk...
  5. Mattsiatti

    Nicest forum on the net?

    only been a member for a day or so but so impressed with this positive welcoming forum, very unusual for the Internet in 2017 Now back to my 16th strums...
  6. Mattsiatti

    The 594

    ever since it first came out been dying for one of these Finally found a great deal on a honey 10 top and splurged Downside I'm posted overseas so can't play it till June It's a new form among torture