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    PRS Custom 24-08 Thread Covered Plini on my PS! Hope you guys dig it. Would mean alot if you shot me a like on the Instagram post itself, fam! @DCM, really nice neck and fingerboard you got!
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    PRS Custom 24-08 Thread

    DSC09211 by Eugene Lee, on Flickr I had intended the singlecoil modes to get close to what a strat would provide, but was sorely wrong. A whole lot of usable sounds though, especially for clean applications. I use the singlecoil mode on the neck when I want a little more clarity on faster...
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    Elements of ME V to Core?

    I think the 250k pot switch won't work favorably for mahogany bodies and mahogany/rosewood necks with a set neck joint, which are already warm.
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    Singapore Guitar Stores - Your Recommendations?

    Best stores are Davis guitar for PRS and Swee Lee (the flagship store at Star Vista if you're looking for higher end offerings). Look for Janet and Aryadni respectively. Tell them Eugene sent you there.
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    Private Stock Friday

    Have faith in the PS team, or rather, the creative minds and thick wallets of PS customers :D
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    Private Stock Friday

    Actually really looking forward to seeing some Silver Sky PS builds to give the guys at Fen*er CS a run for their money.
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    You're very welcome buddy, I too, think he's well deserving of any endorsement PRS can offer him. Frankly, even as a Petrucci fan, this gentleman kinda obliterates him. Even more fluid technique and honestly a better sense of melody imo. Ridiculous haha, 7.29 really got me too. [ I know...
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    If anyone has heard Gustavo Carmo, whom I've not until now, basically fits the bill of what I was looking for in the first place regarding a virtuoso that plays PRS, in this case, a Cu24. Mad, mad chops.
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    Most advanced guitar ever...

    All that tech don't mean nothing with that fret access.
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    CE24 Owners: tightness?

    Got my 25" custom 24 with 4 trem springs, elixir nanoweb 10s(which have more tension than normal strings) and to me, it was a little too tight as well. I would probably remove a spring. The more springs you put in, the more tension you feel. Since you've already done that, go with 9s. No one...
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    NPSD (Custom 24-08 Content)

    Thanks guys! This will be the be all end all piece for me. By the way, for the 85/15 neck pickup, does anyone have any experience with them? I can't seem to get the attack I need.
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    NPSD (Custom 24-08 Content)

    That's right! Except the standard custom 24 allows for a light pull up as well, but this one is just a wee bit more. Also I realised I didn't post a pic of the back so here is one. Pretty normal mahogany back, nothing special to talk about, but the neck is quite a stunner. You can also see the...
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    NPSD (Custom 24-08 Content)

    I couldn't agree more. I love the PRS look and feel, but I changed some specs that would just make it the dream guitar for me, the 1 guitar I could probably bring to every gig/use in any setting. Couldn't be happier with the result. Its the guitar I've been waiting for, where years of playing to...
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    NPSD (Custom 24-08 Content)

    I went with pattern thin! Haven't spent enough time with it to comment fully but initial impressions are that it's really comfortable. Thinner than I thought it would be, has quite a bit of shoulder which are great for bends.
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    NPSD (Custom 24-08 Content)

    I used to think I'd want a 25.5" scale, but honestly the 25" scale didn't lead in a huge decrease in tension, since my 10 gauge elixirs on this felt more taut than my 9 gauge elixirs on a 25.5" scale, glad I stuck with 25". The fretboard doesn't feel cramped at all, and any help in doing wider...
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    NPSD (Custom 24-08 Content)

    Thanks guys! To anyone who's interested, the colour is "light graphite smoked burst" with less greys.
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    NPSD (Custom 24-08 Content)

    Specs wise, I did go with a few features not on the core lines, namely Stainless Steel DGT frets 14" radius Small neck heel Trem up route Woods wise its south american mahogany body, quilt maple top, ebony fretboard, honduran rosewood neck. I had asked for the neck humbucker to be the "right"...
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    NPSD (Custom 24-08 Content)

    Hi guys, Been lurking on here for the better part of 2 years, lusting over your various guitars where I finally decided to place an order for a PS last year. It finally arrived 2 days ago and I've finally got around to posting the photos the GF took of them. Without further ado... DSC09211...
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    What would a Custom 23 sound like?

    Not sure, but I don't think it's something worth fretting over.