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  1. Plugske

    Finally some upgrades done to my SE Custom

    Finally I had some time to do my upgrades. Everything was waiting to be installed for quite a while but couldn't find the time for it as it was a madhouse at work and I also need to give some attention to the family so the guitar had to wait. Had ordered a set of locking tuners and some new...
  2. Plugske

    Nice video David Ryan Harris featuring John Mayer

    Awesome jam with fabulous musicians and did I spot a Silver Sky Nebula in John's hands?
  3. Plugske

    SE Locking Tuners

    It seems that in the whole if Europe the SE locking tuners are out of stock. Have been checking the PRS European store every day in the hope that they would be back in stock again. So far still no luck. Also at other shops they are out of stock and none can predict when they will be back in...
  4. Plugske

    Song challenge

    I thought of a concept about challenging forum members to play songs. Basically it comes down to posting a song here for others to play and if they take up the challenge a video would be nice to see. As there are lots of unknown songs but they can really rock your charts, I believe the songs...
  5. Plugske


    So as some of you know, at first I ordered a SE Standard in Bay Bridge Blue as a SE Custom was out of my budget. There was some confusion about the gig bag, should it come in one or not? So many different stories. When I spoke to the shop where I ordered it, it came clear that here in Sweden...
  6. Plugske

    Vinyl Collectors

    Was wondering if there are any vinyl collectors here? Have been collecting for about 15 years now. As I grew up with the CD there was a lot to catch up with. What was your first record to buy or get as a present and what are the gems in your collection? My first record was "Making Movies -...
  7. Plugske

    Question about the SE Standard LTD

    As it is almost my NGD, it is probably needless to say that adrenaline and emotions are kicking in. The compulsory force to check if you did everything right is at full force. Am waiting for a SE Standard 24 LTD in Bay Bridge Blue color. My question about it is if it comes with the SE gig bag...