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    1994 Custom 22

    So i stumbled across a custom 22 with a year code of 4 and a serial number in the 20k range which matches the PRS book as 1994. Oddly, it had the larger script logo and long heel neck. My initial thought was that this was a 1994 made in the new factory to the new spec's making it probably one...
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    New Guitar for Me!

    Picked up a 2009 Dc240 McCarty model today from Brian's. Flame top light brown burst. Going to play it tonight!
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    Pick One?

    McCarty or hard tail custom 22 with dragons? Both nice flame tops and similar years.
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    McCarty Rosewood Neck

    Were these common on the McCarty's? Not just the fretboard, the whole neck?
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    New Santana SE

    I saw a link for a used 2013 Santana SE on Dave's guitar site and sent the link to my wife as a hint for christmas. Apparently she took the bait and it is sitting in my living room as I type. Having never bought guitars over the internet, the experience with Dave's guitar shop was 10 for 10...
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    McCarty Single Cut

    Saw something interesting online. A 2009 McCarty single cut with the old style headstock and non matching flame maple veneer. The cover says ted McCarty. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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    2001 Single Cut

    Looking at a beautiful model online. Amazing pictures look almost too real. Three things scare me. - One - The headstock signature looks tilted upwards which seem odd. On my guitars, the base of he letters is flat to the strings. On this one they curve up at about a 10 to 15 degree angle...
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    1992 Ce Alder or Mahogany

    I'm not tipping my hand here but if one alleged person wearing a black mask saw a black back 1992 CE on an alleged site on the web, would it be alder or mahogany?
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    McCarty Korina

    A few 2013 Brazzy Korina's on Ebay. I'm tempted but do not know a lot about these. I've wanted a McCarty for a long time and these seem like a deal but the color choice is not that great.
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    Seeing Green!

    I am on a quest. I want a green guitar. Call me a psycho but I want a green 22 fret neck with a stop tail and am having no luck finding one. Am I just looking for the rainbow unicorn? Bolt on, even better.
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    Da Nasty

    So I have seen a few very nice guitars for sale with one or two teeth missing. Scratches on the tops which make them seem ugly but workable? Any experience with using super glue to drop fill these scratches as long as it is not showing raw wood?
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    Old McCarty

    Poking around on Reverb and saw a very nice but used 1997 McCarty. It looks like an all mahogany body, decent shape, all original, a few chips and dings, for about a box of macaroni. (Sopranos code word). I'm thinking of it because it is a pretty far departure from the rest of my guitars...
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    Steven Wilson at the Beacon Theater - NYC

    Awesome. He was sick as a dog and still went on to play two amazing prog rock sets. Played a gold top single cut PRS for most of the show, a green custom 22 and a Babcik acoustic. Fantastic show with an awesome backup band.
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    Custom 22 Special

    Hi all - anyone have experience with this model guitar. It has a Fralin single coil in between two hum buckers. Comments and suggestions appreciated.
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    Quick Serial Number Question

    I saw a listing for a CE 24 from 2003 with a serial number 377390 which does not seem to make sense. The pictures show a small signature and short heel on the next but the serial number seems way too high. Am I just reading this wrong?
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    Quick Question on Pickup Cavity Markings

    Good day, While changing strings, i popped the pickups out of my 1997 CE 22 and found the neck date of 11-18-1997 which matches the serial number, the builders initials RWC and in the bride cavity "CE22CS". Any significance to the "CS" identifier? Thanks, Greg
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    New Guitar in the House

    Just picked up a 1997 CE model! For an 18 year old guitar, it is in spectacular condition. I found one little pin sized dent in the top and feel little marks on the back. It is a 22 fret cherry sunburst model with a wide fat neck, abalone dots and Seymour Duncan Alnico II's and clear cherry...
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    Potential Acquisition

    So I found a CE22 for sale that matches my CE 24 almost exactly. My only question is that the pickups have bene replaced with Seymour Duncan Alnico II's. I'm so new into the hum bucker arena that I don't know if this is a help or a hurt. Any suggestions? IF I buy it, I also want to buy some...
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    Highly Technical Question

    Made you look!....I bought two Levi's straps and am having a real time fitting them over the strap buttons on my two core models. Did I buy the wrong straps? I know there is no such thing as a dumb question but I may be close....
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    Beater CE 24 They want $999 or best offer. That crack near the neck plate looks a little ominous. I was thinking $500.