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    PTC praise

    I have setups and full refinish done via the PTC and all work was spot-on. Pricey, but it came with the expectation of first-class results. Matt has been fantastic at answering questions and helping sort some guitar issues. I've met Skitchy at PRS clinics and he was extremely helpful with...
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    Low output after changing vol pot

    Double-check the grounds in your circuit.. This happened to me once. I had flipped the hot and ground wires - the audio signal was very, very low. Use a multimeter to verify your grounds are still continuous. If a hot wire is grounding out (touching a pot case or ground wire) it can affect...
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    new DGT... finish problem?

    As of 2020, the entire Core production line transitioned to the nitro-over-cellulose (CAB) finish. The CAB is an acrylic formula. The nitro is merely the top coat. This is absolutely a warranty issue - if you are the original owner. The nitro should not be losing adhesion to/from the substrate...
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    Custom color only with private stock orders?

    Wood Library orders can get custom colors and sometimes even Private Stock colors, based on dealer spec requests. PRS is 2-3 years behind on dealers’ WL orders right now.
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    Refinish. V12 to Nitro (CAB?)

    As of last year, you had no option but to refinish in the nitro-over-cellulose (CAB) system. Their entire finishing line is nitro now. Any guitar that is refinished, regardless of previous finish, gets nitro. My 2005 Custom 24 went in for refinish last Fall. Cost was $1,900. They won't reshoot...
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    Gen II Tuners on a 89 CE24.

    The original Gen i and II tuners were made by Schaller. Gotoh later took over production of the Gen IIs and now makes the Gen IIIs as well. The Schallers and Gotohs have slightly different body dimensions and mounting screw locations. The Schallers Gen IIs use the same body as Schallers current...
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    Mistakenly bought low mass tuners......

    They are really hard to align properly, since the pin prevents the tuner from sitting flat on the headstock. You would ideally have a jig to drill the pinhole. That's another $45. The seller should refund you for everything, including return shipping. The other issue is the tuners you received...
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    Toggle switch for a 2005 STANDARD 24

    Yes. StewMac charges a fortune for shipping (probably $9 just for the switch), so if that one item is all you need, just hit eBay or Reverb. Arkansas Musicworks usually have the best prices on parts (including PRS parts) and free shipping...
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    Toggle switch for a 2005 STANDARD 24

    PRS uses Switchcraft toggles in their USA-built guitars (not sure about S2, though). Specifically, you will need the Switchcraft right-angle toggle switch (the same used in the Gibson SG).
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    Phase 3 tuner install on older PRS

    They countersink in order to ensure metal-to-wood contact. Also, the tuner body has ring that prevents it from sitting flush unless the hole is countersunk. In the images you can see the front and back of the headstock and how the countersink differs in depth. There is also a screengrab from a...
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    Phase 3 tuner install on older PRS

    You will need to countersink the pegholes - just slightly on the front, more so on the back. You will also need to drill new mounting screw holes. Not difficult.
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    Trouble desoldering an SE

    The wet sponge can trap contaminants, even if you use distilled water. The brass soldering tip cleaner is better at cleaning the iron tip. Use the brass to clean and follow it with tinning compound to tin the iron (ex: Thermaltronics TMT-TC-2 is great). You'll notice in the PRS tour videos...
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    Full Braz neck vs Braz board w/Indian RW neck?

    Inside vs outside : heartwood vs sapwood.
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    Been bummed out by PRS lately

    I’ll be selling my ME-V Exp 2020 in Charcoal very soon…just to fund another guitar.
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    CE 24 Static Noise Issue

    Static is always a grounding issue...even when it's just touching a couch or a person - it is built-up charge looking to find a way to ground. For some folks, static buildup is worse in the winter, since air is drier inside the house and clothing brushes against the guitar creating static...
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    Sorry…..Another Phase 3 locking tuner collar question for my DGT

    It easy. First, note there are TWO set screws on the locking collar. Remove both. They come out without much effort. To remove the collar, hold the tuner button so that the wormgear shaft stays still. Then, just unscrew the collar. I tore down multiple sets for re-plating…not one lock collar...
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    PRS micro toggle switches

    A million places…Mouser, Amplified Parts/Tubes & More, Small Bear, etc. Buy a bunch, so you can practice. Also common at any online vendor of pedal parts. The lugs are small. You will need a long-neck toggle, since the top is not recessed.
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    85/15 Multi Tap Custom 24 08 Mini Switch Question

    Yes. Visualize like the six lugs on an average micro-toggle this: ON-ON-ON ON-ON-ON ON-ON-ON vs ON-ON-ON ON-ON-ON You can see the difference in possible wiring options. PRS initially used the uses double (bottom). They have since changed their wiring to use the triple (top) a triple in order to...
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    85/15 Multi Tap Custom 24 08 Mini Switch Question

    Easy - it would be like the CEs or older Customs with toggle. Assuming one volume, one push/pull tone and one 3-way toggle. I would follow the 3-way toggle wiring diagram used for CEs and older Customs. I'll attach it below. This is the easiest layout to use that allows splitting, also be sure...