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    Best amps for blues

    Duncan amps are from the 80s right?
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    The "Official Silver Sky" Thread

    I tried to make light of the situation lol, it does look bad but I've seen worse looking out there.
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    Soldering Iron Recommendations?

    Pen, whats a good desolder one?
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    NGD! SE Paul's Guitar

    It's a great looking piece, what dealer was it?
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    So, let’s say I wanted to turn a McCarty into a progressive metal machine..

    google Merlin pickups , it's a polish company...fantastic pickups and very reasonable pricing. Translate the page to english and contact the owner. I bought the PAF set and it's fantastic...saved me $400 vs other guys
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    The "Official Silver Sky" Thread

    That is not too terrible looking, but not my cup of tea on a guitar that expensive..
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    Soldering Iron Recommendations?

    I have never soldered before, but I'm thinking about buying a really cheap squier to practice on. Iron and solder recommendations? I'll have to learn how to break the solder connections also
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    NGD PRS Starla X

    thanks Gents
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    NGD PRS Starla X

    First impressions: I'm totally blown away by the quality of the guitar. I've played on the newer Gibson Les Paul Special TV Yellow with a similar sort of a neck and P-90's but the price you have to spend to get the quality that PRS was already offering and for much cheaper's...
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    Best amps for blues

    Checking it out, the blues cube hot is interesting too...but the capsules they offer for Eric Johnson and Robben Ford are the cost of a new amp almost! Nextone is def a better buy
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    Best amps for blues

    It's funny you mention that because I see a lot of these out on the used market and I was wondering what the deal was. Usually Roland doesn't put out crappy stuff. I'm still learning guitar but I've been a guitar gear junkie for a while. Focusing more on playing/tone now.
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    What happened to the 245 trend?

    what makes them such a hit?
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    SE Pickups

    There are some SE pickups that are simply just incredible out there, esp being made in korea.
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    NGD: Private Stock Semi-Hollow DC 594 Triple Soapbar!

    Congrats to you, if I had the 7-10k for a private stock ... I'd be with tears of joy also! Enjoy those the tone.
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    Upgraded Custom Tremonti SE: fair price range in your opinion.

    Mira X would be a nice change for you!
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    Best amps for blues

    I never knew that a hollowbody could do that kind of a tone. I just want a darker sounding blues tone that's got grit to it. The solo was done by Lp Jr or SG jr is my guess. Def sounds like a P90 to me.
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    Best tuning machines debate (civilized debate)

    I see a lot of builders use Sperzel on top builds. I've had them and they were good, but I'd argue the Gotoh/Schallers (even the M6) model are just as good..if not better in some cases. Just curious what you guys think about that?
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    Starla X - The PRS that was setup to fail

    Better than a Les Paul Special from what I've been told, that's even after Gibson has supposedly improved the quality since 2018. Cheaper and good tone, very can't go wrong. The hum version is in the previous post. These were core models back in the day. Highly recommend you grab one...
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    Starla X - The PRS that was setup to fail
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    NGD - SE 245 (Sorry, no photos yet) Direct drop in, worth the upgrade on the tuners.