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    Need some info/expertise.. SC58 / SC245 related.

    So I have been googling trying to find concrete information on what the main differences are between these two models (SC58 / SC245). So far all I have read is that the SC58 is not weight relieved. The SC245 is. Is this true? My father is looking to purchase one and I am just trying to get the...
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    Hail Mary parts request (old school black USA CTS knobs)?

    I couldn't find any mention if this is frowned upon, so if it is I apologize. Please delete this thread! If not... I am desperately looking to track down (4) old school black USA PRS speed knobs. eBay and other avenues haven't yielded any results. I've tried Gibson knobs, and unfortunately...
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    NGD - AP Tremonti (man did this one take a while!)

    As some of you may recall I ordered an Artist Pack Tremonti back in October 2014. I received it in March and it had the tear drop burst when I requested a contour burst finish. Back it went and I resumed waiting.... and waiting.... lol. The rebuild was scheduled to be done May 1st...
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    NGD (but not a happy NGD)

    Well the Tremonti Artist Package I ordered in early October arrived today. Sadly, it wasn't built to spec. My spec was Contour Charcoal Burst, Ebony fretboard, Black pickup rings, Black toggle switch, Black knobs. They did get the fretboard correct. Sadly, everything else is wrong. While the...
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    Pulled the trigger on a Tremonti AP :)

    Hi all, new member here. Been lurking and reading a bit the past few weeks and figured it was time to post since I just placed an order for a Tremonti Artist Package! I've had two or three PRS's over the years and all of them were great guitars but I always wished that I could get one with an...