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    Prs 2020 new models hopes

    first off i am drooling at the CE24 DW being made permanent Wondering what else may come Would love to see some new colors on the CE purple, more smokebursts. , ebony neck Also a Silversky SE What do you guys hope for ?
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    Bring back Holcomb USA

    The Mark Holcomb is an amazing guitar and very different to others in the line would love to see it as a standard core models in 2 or 3 finishes
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    What do you think

    new Tremonti Archon based line to Rear its head at Musik messe next weekend or details released Yay or nay
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    Archon 25 Head

    Hey All , I had talked with my dealer and he thought there was a 25 watt head coming to Namm .Not an Archon some other name SunZra or something . I also saw Phil Mcknight talk about them in one of his pre Namm vids ..Any News .did any ask Paul about these at the Show ..will they be debuted...
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    Archon 50 reviews

    Hey just wondering if anyone here has picked up the 50 head and compared it to the 100. Any opinions ,still punchy low end chunk ,Little different feel ???
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    Son Of Son of Archon

    Hey All, I am new to the board currently looking at the Archon line of amps and just stumbled across this new 25 watt combo vid does not give details on power tubes or anything but I saw some posts about people wanting lower power Wonder if the 25 will be release in a mini head too could be cool.