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  1. ViggoP

    Ash necks?

    I’ve seen a couple Private Stock guitars with ash necks on Instagram lately. Here’s one for example: Does anyone have any experience with an ash neck? What does it sound and feel like? Any stability issues?
  2. ViggoP

    NGD - Experience Modern Eagle V

    A few months back when the Experience MEV was released, I was unexpectedly struck by it. I really wasn’t a huge fan of the PS version, I thought the idea was cool but aesthetically I didn’t love it. But when I stumbled upon the first YouTube clip of the Experience version, I was really taken by...
  3. ViggoP

    Modern Eagle V pickups, what do they sound like?

    Yeah I know, I’ve watched all the youtube clips but still, it would be interesting to hear more about them from people who actually own one or have played one. Do they sound any good? Do they sound similar to any other pickup you’ve played? Do you prefer the hum or single sounds? How do they...