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    Wish: More Solid Color Tops

    I love flame and quilt for sure, but my favorite PRS feature tops with solid, opaque colors. Black, white, powder blue, gold, different metallic colors, I love them all. I’ve noticed though that they’ve been in pretty limited supply over the past few years relative to tops where you can see the...
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    McCarty 594 Hollowbody and Hollowbody II Weight Balance?

    I'm considering adding a McCarty 594 Hollowbody or Hollowbody II to the mix. I love light guitars because of a bad back but I despise neck dive. That said, to those of you with either hollowbody, how is the balance? Do you experience any neck dive? Thanks in advance!
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    NGD - 594 Singlecut Semi Hollow

    I've always wanted a PRS singlecut but never wanted the 8+ lb weight of the solid bodies due to back and neck injuries from an old car accident. In short, the semi hollow version of the 594SC is glorious. It's everything you'd want from the solid body but weighs much less. Mine is 7 lbs on the...
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    Is this possible - light custom 22-08, 58/15, moons?

    I'd love to order a PRS with the specs below. Is this a possibility? If so, would I have to go Artist, PS or other? Custom 22 Sort for lightweight (targeting 7 lbs or less) 58/15s with covers 408 style switching Goldtop Ideally moon inlays but birds okay if needed Any advice? BTW I am still...
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    Which Core model would you get in these circumstances?

    You're getting married soon and want to add a PRS to your collection before your priorities change and the frequency of acquiring gear slows. Said another way, you don't know when you'll be in the position to buy another guitar. You already own Strats, Teles and Super Strats (Fender CS...