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    NGD PRS Silver Sky - QC Questions

    New Frost Silver Sky in! Says it was assembled Jan 4, 2021, but serial starts with a 20. Says it has the JM-R neck. A couple questions on build, QC: the fit of the neck to the pocket isn't perfectly tight/aligned. See the photos. Is that within the normal, acceptable range for a PRS (in Canada...
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    NGD S2 McCarty 594

    Got a new S2 594 today! Wowsers! In short, if I hadn't seen a Core or didn't know something better than this S2 exists, I could have mistaken than for a top-of-the-line guitar. The finish is flawless. The playability is off-the-charts. Like nothing else I've owned or played. So easy to do...
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    S2 McCarty 594 Fretwire

    In various posts, [email protected] indicated that the S2 guitars had the same fret wire in them as the Core models. What about S2 McCarty 594s? Guitar World in their review comparing a Core and an S2 McCarty, said that while the S2 had the same "width" frets as the core, their height was a bit lower...