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  1. EdSevered

    Is this double-neck the Ultimate PRS PS?

    Chump change! But it’ll only take $200 to get it home. But seriously, I was recently wondering whether PRS had ever done a double-neck, not that my current skills could manage...
  2. EdSevered

    PSA - Paul's "Actual" Guitar for Sale

    For those PRS fanbois with the deeper pockets... That is one beautiful axe, very unique color. It seems to me a little odd that a PRSh personal guitar has a stamped serial #, whereas those that are sold get a hand-painted serial...
  3. EdSevered

    2005 SE EG - Black Trem Bridge?

    Hi Again, I am waiting on delivery of this nearly blacked-out 2005 SE EG with matching headstock. I would like to swap the chrome tremolo bridge for a good quality black one, to compliment that blackout look. I found a black PRS-style trem bridge at WD Music, but they say it won’t fit an...
  4. EdSevered

    SE Hollowbody - Swap to Piezo Bridge?

    Hi All! Rather than buying one of the newer SE Hollowbody II Piezo’s, I am wondering about the possibility or feasibility of upgrading the bridge on a standard SE Hollowbody to a Piezo bridge, like the LR Baggs or similar. I see that the special PRS jack assembly is available to be purchased...
  5. EdSevered

    I want one... CU 24 Sandblasted

    Haven’t seen one of these before. I want one. Listing says only EU & UK.
  6. EdSevered

    NGDs - Merry XMas, to me.

    I must’ve been a very good boy, this year. I got two PRS 1st Gen. SE Santanas. One from my wife, and one from me to me. I also got to open them in the days before Christmas. Both feel and sound fantastic, and are in near mint, original conditions. One is transparent green, the other is...