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    DIY - PRS 53/10 Pickups Restoration

    I would love to see more PRS-specific DIYs in the Forums. I'm eager to know more about working with PRS guitars and components. Anyway, here is my first contribution to a 'DIY' conversation. I post more as time allows (Phase 2 tuner tear down, Phase 3 tuner tear down, Phase 3 tweaked tuner tear...
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    Customer Service Response Time

    Has anyone noticed a slow down is response time from PRS Customer Service? It used to take 3-5 days to get a response. Now it is taking weeks. No joke, 3+ weeks for at least two things - still no reply. For other questions, the response have average 2+ weeks. It is roughly concurrent with the...
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    Phase III 'Tweaked' Re-Assembly

    Question for the hive mind: has anyone reassembled Phase III 'tweaked' tuners in the field? At the factory the tuner is placed in a jig and put under torque so the collar can be secured (note: I don't know if that means the Gotoh or PRS factory). I am looking to re-plate my tuners, which would...
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    Pickup Selections for 2nd-Gen CE-24s

    I have two 2nd-Gen CE-24s waiting for pickups. Both have solid mahogany bodies. Which two sets of pickups would you install? If 'Other', what do you like in the older CEs? There are no wrong answers. I am curious to hear about others' experiences. Thanks!
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    PRS Pickup Pole Piece Questions

    I'm looking to change out pole piece screws in my 594. I want to use 'smoked nickel' (aka black nickel, cosmo black) pole pieces like I had in a limited edition 2018 594. I also would like to identify the allow used, in order to match the originals. 1) Does anyone know where to get black nickel...