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    Semi Hollow Special - Can I justify it?

    So I've had a Core Semi Hollow P245 for a couple of years, super versatile guitar! But I'm GASing hard for a Semi Hollow Special 22 (particularly some of the limited ones with Wood Library Specs). I'm not sure if I could justify getting a SHS without selling my P245, and even though I don't...
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    Wood Library Custom 24/08 Pickup Question

    Hey gang, Posted a while back about specs I was looking for on a 24/08. After some helpful advice and some searching I thought I found the one in Germany (natural flame neck is the key). However just noticed that it has covered 58/15's (like my P245) rather than the 85/15 MT's that what I...
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    Is this possible - wood library/artist package question

    So after getting my P245 earlier this year I've been bitten by the PRS bug and my gas has me wanting a Custom 24 of some kind. Now whilst I'd be very very happy with a Core model, I started look at some of the Artist packages/Wood library offerings. And I really liked the look of the Custom 24...
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    NGD PRS P245 Semi-Hollow

    After wanting a semi hollow for a while, I thought I'd go try a few out - I assumed I'd go down the Gibson or thinline tele route but none of them really wowed me (don't get me wrong I did really like them). So I had another thought and after always wanting a PRS I looked at their semi hollows -...