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    Finished My First OD Kit

    I bought a OD2 kit a long time ago and never finished it. Well, yesterday I got the inspiration to get it done! I designed the graphic, my family parrot, but forgot to seal it properly so the colors bled. :bawling: The picture is also blurry so it doesn't help. The pedal is an OD and a...
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    Calling Ted 245!

    PRS got the formula right with this guitar, there's something different going on. I'm surprised more people don't gas for it whether DC or SC. I can't even search for TED 245 on the forum. If I stick in McCarty well.......the wrong model shows up. I get that not everyone digs the neck binding...
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    How I keep nickel hardware and pickups clean.

    This is how I do it. My daughter plays flute and has this cloth lying around. I guess it's the same as jewelry type cloths, but I feel good that it"s made for musical instruments. One day I tried it on the hardware of my guitar, it works great! I bought my own and she can have hers. By the...