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    Silver Sky SE inbound

    Kinda stoked. Should show up at GC on Wednesday. I’m trying to find the right strap for a stone blue SS. Anyone have any ideas?
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    Just picked up a PolyTone Mini Brute

    The cleans are very, very, nice. Maybe a tad tilted toward the bass but the tone stack is very useful. I got it super cheap and it need some TLC: The overdrive pot is broke and it needs new knobs. The cab has some chips straight through the tolex. But I love a project. I’ll fix the pot and put...
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    So we need to talk about that speaker cab I made.

    So I posted a photo of a cab I built a couple of years ago in a thread here. Thing is I have played a couple of amps through it, a homemade 5 watt from the Bud kit and a DV-Mark micro CMT. No matter which amp I used playing I was bugged by how A chords sounded somewhat boomy. I thought it was...
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    Thinking hard about pickup pole pieces

    This was sparked by my feeling that my low E string was too prominent when playing four note jazz chords. On my other guitars I set the pole piece by neck radius. But this person’s argument is pretty convincing. Note that I am a physicist who understands quite well Faraday’s law and the theory...
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    Anyone have any experience with DV Mark micros?

    I almost always play clean, I built a 5 watt single ended tube amp to run with a speaker enclosure I built, but it’s not giving me the sound I want. My teacher/friend and many other jazz players seem to be using solid state amps for their near infinite clean headroom. My teacher frequently uses...
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    My amp is squealing and popping

    It’s occasional and annoying. The amp in question is a Gibson RV Super.
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    A little off topic Peavey 412s with scorpion speakers

    Looking for opinions. I’m thinking of picking one of these up for my daughter to play bass through. Most of what I’ve read online indicates it makes for a decent bass cab. Opinions of the scorpions are pretty positive.
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    The ridiculous Budweiser SE EG

    I have been off and on looking at SE EGs. I like the idea of stop tails. When Dave’s gets them they’re priced at less than $400. There are currently a couple on Craigslist that I could look at and potentially buy. The only one priced reasonably has the stupid Budweiser paint job. I’d like not...
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    Missed it!

    Dave’s got in a blue, hard tail SE EG. of course they priced it really fairly and it sold in the twelve hours I hadn’t looked at the new arrivals. My wife woulda killed me anyway.
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    Anyone mess with the electronics in a Hollowbody SE?

    I started in on a project to put in concentric pots for individual tone and volume for each pickup, but was stymied by the wire routing. The guitar wasn’t nearly as hollow as I thought it was. It’s not clear that one can work things through the f holes.
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    Not exactly PRS related

    I finally built my kit amp to use with my diy cab. I will say that the bud kit is dead easy to build and is probably a decent circuit. However I am having a super weird problem. The amp mostly sounds fine. But open sting G and first fret G# clunk almost like a dead fret. This doesn't occur with...
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    SE Alex Lifeson opinions

    I have been thinking about getting an acoustic for about a month. I have played a few of the kind of well though of budget thin lines, the Ibanez Talman and the Yamaha APX600, they were ok nothing to write home about from a playabilty standpoint. I also played an 2015 Angleus SE30, which I liked...
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    NAD Gibson Goldtone Super

    I brought it home from Green Bay Saturday. Not the lightest item. But man the cleans on this thing are really liquid. The dirty channel sounds good too, but I bought it for the cleans. It’s really too much amp for me I can’t turn the master past about 1 and a half. But it sound just like I want...
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    I want a Trace Elliot Velocette/Gibson Goldtone rvs

    In a bad way. I missed one on eBay last night. The freaking action ended at 1:30AM, and I failed to wake up in time. My monoprice stage right is fine. I’ve tweaked the crap out of it. The cleans sound fine to me, even sweet. I played through the 10” Trace Elliot at guitar center about 8 months...
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    What exactly is this?

    It says it’s an SE 22, but most of the SE 22s I’ve seen have trems. I would love a semi hollow with a stoptail and a wide thin neck. But I am pretty confused.
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    Has PRS ever made a hollow body with a thin profile neck?

    I have been going back and forth between my SE 24 and my Ibanez hollow body (AM-83) I love the Ibanez, but the neck on the PRS makes playing so much easier for me. So the question in the title of the post. I’ll likely not be getting another guitar for a while as the 35th anniversary SE has been...
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    How fast do you think the 35th Anniversary SEs will sell out?

    I really want one as it checks all the boxes for me. It’s quite a bit for me to spend on an axe and I am trying to scrape the money together. I might even trade in my Mustang on it.
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    Just played a 1994 Cu24

    It’s the first core model that I felt was as playable as my SE. just a beautiful axe. Satin finished rosewood neck, 10 top in root beer. Sadly I have neither the money nor the skills for such a guitar. Played much better than the other customs I’ve played. The neck profile seemed to be very...
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    Color match back plates

    I have a wonderful SE custom 24 with the spaulted maple top. I just bought some mahogany back plates, but they are unfinished. Can anyone give me some advice on how to get the finish close?
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    Guilford back plates

    Anyone have any experience with these? I’d love to have matched grain back plates on my SE custom. I’d have to match the stain and gloss I guess.