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  1. markie

    OT: Figured wood fans: Claro walnut table

    Imma need that, as well as all the other sh*t you are leaving for me in your will
  2. markie

    Just got out of surgery

    Fook it…… hopefully we will be able to walk around at the PRS Experience in the future Paul
  3. markie

    PRS forums?

    They gone
  4. markie

    What do y'all do for a living?

    I play golf & ……. Xbox. I ain’t sh*ttin you either
  5. markie


    Congrats ……. Danielle!
  6. markie

    Anybody else playing pickleball?

    I have PhennRock. Git yer a$$ down here & we’ll do it
  7. markie

    It feels good to be back here...

    Welcome back Brian!
  8. markie

    Kill Switch

    Of course you did!
  9. markie

    PRS Experience - Any news?

    JezzieFugginBaker…… Bootleg Experiment!
  10. markie

    So how do You do it?

    That you are
  11. markie

    Kill Switch

    I’ve had a couple done in PS builds
  12. markie

    Case Queens

    All of mine are case queens. I don’t let others touch them & occasionally go with the “don’t even look at it”
  13. markie

    Do you love or hate the beach?

    Not a fan, but my wife is. That means I go when I’m told to go. PhennRock is definitely a fan though.
  14. markie

    Do you rock stars actually play your private stock guitars?

    I’ve played pretty much everything PRS makes on stage. Even let a few of my fellow forum knuckleheads do it. Many played them when we used to have the annual Indiana Experience
  15. markie

    What will happen to the precious guitars after you kick the bucket?

    so she knows all about the Harlem Shuffle & let’s not forget about……… THE DUKE
  16. markie

    I Made it A Whole Year

    Ohh……….. Thanks Gary
  17. markie

    I Made it A Whole Year

    VY siggy is the ticket!
  18. markie

    The guitar "collection"

    I used to have a Collection of guitars. I’ve whittled it down to just a few.That would be few as described by my good buddy PhennRocker