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  1. Maertl513

    The Seductiveness of Tube Amps

    I watch back 30 years ago, starting with a 20 Watt valvestate combo (two channels). To have a better OD I put a Ibanez Metalcharger in the chain (and for modulation a CryBaby). This was good enough for the first year. Do you Dimebag Darrell and his Korg advertising, I bought a G3 multi effect...
  2. Maertl513

    The Seductiveness of Tube Amps

    If you have the opportunity to visit the forthcoming NAMM you'll find the BluGuitar booth in Hall D/Booth 5427. They will present AmpX to the audience.
  3. Maertl513

    The Seductiveness of Tube Amps

    Depicted above Mercury Edition. That is the Iridium Edition. The layout is the same. The voicing of the OD channels is different. And if you dial in the reverb, the noise gate is automatically soft. The custom controls for tweaking a little bit more the channels. The Amp 1 is designed as a...
  4. Maertl513

    Tuning issues when using tremolo - PRS SE custom 24

    I had suffered tuning concerns with my hardtail PRS SE Mark Holcomb as of I changed the SE nut to the PRS core nut and the SE tuners to Schaller locking tuners. The nut was changed by my trader according my request prior shipment - I suppose that it was adjusted precisely. It was planned for...
  5. Maertl513

    The Seductiveness of Tube Amps

    We have a German guitarist, named Thomas Blug, who was once rewarded in a competition in London by 7ender as the "Strat King". The way he had made his living for 2+ decades was sound designing for Hughes & Kettner. A couple of years ago he founded a company named BluGuitars. One of his...
  6. Maertl513

    NGD: DGT (I FINALLY made it to the dance!)

    A precious keepsake to remember your mom and dad even more. Wildwood - especially Bruce - sold me a Gristlemaster in Kochwork Orange (and Greg was willing to sing the back) and a few years earlier my PRS 513 MT.
  7. Maertl513

    Harley Benton is good for PRS

    Harley Benton is a brand of German based musical gear store Thomann. Thomann is minimum Europe's biggest player when it comes either to a regular store and online sales. They have nearly everything in store related to make music. Talking about guitars, Harley Benton is low price range...
  8. Maertl513

    PRS trem, Floyd Rose, Tremonti, etc.

    If you decide for a FR equipped guitar, I would consider some points @alantig mentioned. If you're keen in FR but not 24 frets, PRS is not an option. EvH's passing away was an impact on all EvH related products, either first and second hand. In 2012 I bought a mint Japanese Ibanez RG540CTAM...
  9. Maertl513

    Anybody ever switch around their bridge pickup?

    I did it once and only for one time on my 513. I've been told that flipping around offers a more snappier tone, more bite. That's true. But then I didn't like position 2 (combination of treble and middle pickup). Flipped back to status quo ante.
  10. Maertl513

    Photos, let's see 'em

  11. Maertl513


    No, worries, Lola! My headaches weren't as tough as your's. I never had those feelings to injure myself. Being under therapy of the neurologist I was tasked to protocol a headache diary. Quantity, quality, and length. This is - comparable to PTSD - feeding the monster. Because you focus on the...
  12. Maertl513

    Sorry…..Another Phase 3 locking tuner collar question for my DGT

    For those guys from abroad - like me - sometimes some pictures would be helpful. ;)
  13. Maertl513


    Of course, and I apologize, @Lola. Did the doctors don't note down something which protects your digistive tract? As far as I concern about migraines, it is a reason of neuro-vascular inflamation. There are different triggers named: most common is any (overwhelming) stress. Then lack of sleep...
  14. Maertl513


    Though I never suffered from migraines, I had as a result of an accident 24/7 headache. I was sent to neurologist. He prescripted antidepressiva to re-adjust the pain threshold. I took that medical treatment for approx. 6 months. No improvement occured, but gaining weight, being aggressive and...
  15. Maertl513

    What are the non-PRS guitars in your arsenal you'll just never quit?

    Actually I tried it, but the dimensions are of a guitar and not of "strings". Therefore it is best to consider it as a guitar.
  16. Maertl513

    What are the non-PRS guitars in your arsenal you'll just never quit?

    Happy Easter and apologize my spamming. Received my violin-guitar on TUE. By comparing its design with all other violin called electrics and bass guitars, it appears to be very close to the original violin body. Colorwise it fits perfect to my 513 in Black Gold. The luthier calls...
  17. Maertl513

    Silver Sky pick up change

    Suggestion: Could it be, that the distance between the pickups and strings is different (in this case closer)? Before evaluating all factors need to be the same.
  18. Maertl513

    If money was no object what PRS guitar would you have

    I would order a PS 513 up to my specs. Six or seven strings, 20" fretboard radius, piezo bridge, all rosewood or all maple neck, quilted maple top, maybe hollow body.
  19. Maertl513

    Wireless systems for guitar - 2.4 and 5.8 in Germany/Europe

    Hi, @shinksma, I apologize a belated reaction on your question. As far as I concern, 2,4 GHz for wireless guitar systems are free to use in Germany. No official sign in is required. But there is the opportunity of intererences with WIFI.