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  1. dogrocketp

    Silver Sky SE bridge questions

    Remember, you change the parts, you change the sound. Every SS SE I’ve seen is like that.
  2. dogrocketp

    Which of these bolt-on guitars should PRS return to production?

    I have bout half of em already. I’m thinking Johnny Hiland with 24-08 switching.
  3. dogrocketp

    NG'sD - Custom 24 ..........and McCarty - thanks to you guys!!

    Great guitars! (And in case Sergio is lurking, blue guitars sound better……)
  4. dogrocketp

    Custom color only with private stock orders?

    You might want to look for a used 408 and have it refinished gold. There may even be a few out in the wild.
  5. dogrocketp

    Mann nos2000

    I have all three ways of dealing with the trem. The 2040 PRS/ MANN is my favorite of the group. It seemed to take some of the harshness out of the top end.
  6. dogrocketp

    NGD! McCarty 594 Hollowbody content...

    Does Mark Ray approve of the color name?
  7. dogrocketp


    Looks bari bari nice!
  8. dogrocketp

    First PRS was delivered today and I'm considering my options...

    PRS or no, we welcome all PRS lovers. A PRS does make it mo’bettah. 2 PRSseses makes it momo bettah.
  9. dogrocketp

    Gig question

    Look at my avatar. Now ask me. Will it be P90’s, or P90’s for the blues?
  10. dogrocketp

    NGD (updated with pix): I did a purple thing

    Well if it can’t be blue, THAT SUCKER IS DROP DEAD GORGEOUS! Have you entertained thoughts of a black pearloid pickguard?
  11. dogrocketp

    The most beautiful blue colorway

    As one of the resident blue insaniacs, that’s like asking who the most beautiful woman is, or most handsome man. I have 10 blue PRS, and each one is breathtaking.
  12. dogrocketp

    Ok, so what next? To round out my collection. Suggestions?

    My luthier is a dedicated tele player, and keeps threatening to build me a tele and give it to me so that I can “see the light”. While it is the required guitars for the better players in the DMV, there’s nothing about it that attracts me. I appreciate all the good players and music made on one...
  13. dogrocketp

    Ok, so what next? To round out my collection. Suggestions?

    Get a Hollowbody. The 335 is a semi-hollow. I’d say one of the SE’s. The standard is very close to your 335. The Hollowbody piezo has the greatest difference in sound. The SE Hollowbody gets the sound of a full Hollowbody, and it’s own sounds.
  14. dogrocketp

    PRS SE Custom 22 High E Issue

    Have him look at the nut for string binding. I’ve had the nut replaced on all the SE’s I’ve had over the years. NONE of them had a dead high E after proper setup. Be sure to call the first tech after you get the problem fixed. He needs to be held accountable for his stupidity.
  15. dogrocketp

    P90 Guitar

    The early 2000 triple soapies had the hot P90’s which work well for rock, but don’t clean up as I would like for the blues and rhythm. My 2010’s have Duncan Antiquities which do the job nicely. Personally, the maple neck helps get me where I want to be. You do get the real P90 grind when you hit...
  16. dogrocketp

    PRS TCI Pickups Explained

    Would it be reasonable to think that the TCI process might be different with single coils vs humbuckers?
  17. dogrocketp

    P90 Guitar

    Obviously, I’m all about the triple soapies. Pm me for more info. #3 will be going on eBay soon. The p90 LP was okay. The 594 I played had more cojones. I hear the the 25” scale as being much more in tune above the 12th fret. There also a certain raw treble sound my ears like, that I only seem...
  18. dogrocketp

    Pick-up replacement

    Also pickup height, kind of strings you use, and the string gauge as well. As DTR has alluded, the amp can make a huge difference. If you’re using the same tone settings you use for other guitars then that would be your problem.
  19. dogrocketp

    This has been my "go to" guitar/amp as of late... what's yours?

    PRs custom 22 triple soapie with a custom built 49 Fender Tweed Pro clone with 6sc7 tubes in it. The soul food is my go to pedal. I’ll use a pedal board for the two gigs this weekend because the stage has the space. Been rocking this for 6 months, since the amp got sorted out.
  20. dogrocketp

    Intonation of my PRS: Octave / 12th fret

    Unfortunately, there isn’t one three sentence solution to the problem. Is the guitar new or used? Did you change the string gauge? Did it come from a different climate, and has it had time to acclimate? If you provide more information someone of us will be able to help you. It sounds like the...