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  1. HANGAR18

    DreamTheaterRules takes a road trip….

    Okay, that's it... I'm leaving the I.T. field and becoming a lawyer. Now all I've got to do if figure out where to get one of those law degree thingies and then I'll REALLY start building my PRS guitar collection!
  2. HANGAR18

    NGD! Graveyard II!!!

    Beautiful guitar! But now you are going to need more amps. No, wait... that's ME. I'm going to need more amps. Really great looking guitar!!!
  3. HANGAR18

    Who Would You Want To Front Your Band?

    Holy Cow! I'm out of breath watching that, and I think I got a little teary-eyed too. Breathtaking! That was one of my favorite songs in the world back when that song was brand new and it was on regular rotation on the radio. That was also back when I was only a drummer and hadn't picked up my...
  4. HANGAR18


    Custom 24-08's are bad ass!!
  5. HANGAR18

    Post Pictures of your PRS that look like '59 Bursts

    WHEN will you stop taunting me with this photo?!! :P :p
  6. HANGAR18

    Computer Help Please!! (Email Help)

    Well yeah... assuming then that all of his email is still on the server, then sure... there is nothing to transfer. Just install your email client on the new machine and connect it to the mailbox on the server. Done. I do that all the time whenever I build a new machine. But my mailbox on the...
  7. HANGAR18

    S2 McCarty 594 is an EXCELLENT Guitar

    I'd just like to test my ability to post pictures again. If you don't see a picture below... the test revealed that I cannot post pictures. If you see my McCarty 594 Thinline, then I can again post pictures.
  8. HANGAR18

    Canoe recommendations?

    Choose your team wisely. I don't think that canoe people and kayak people always get along very well. After all, why should they? Canoe people can stay dry, haul gear and look cool doing it while kayak people have a wear a shower cap, tip over all the time and sometimes come up from the water...
  9. HANGAR18

    Slayer Sunday II: Live Undead.

    I... LOVE that song!!!
  10. HANGAR18

    Slayer Sunday II: Live Undead.

    Lately this is the song I play whenever I get some sort of ridiculous song stuck in my head. Mental reset completed really fast. \m/
  11. HANGAR18

    Mt15 dead already

    Once upon a time it took everything I had to buy one of those Orange lunchbox amps (brand new at full retail price). Got it home, plugged it in and it had some sort of really bad problem (sound cutting in and out randomly or something like that. It was a really long time ago.) I returned it and...
  12. HANGAR18

    New M1 Lappletop

    I've been slacking recently. For 20+ years I've always bought the parts and assembled my own computers. My current one is no slouch but it it not Windows 11 compatible. I guess I'll have to build another one in the near future but I REALLY don't like the direction that the whole computer world...
  13. HANGAR18

    Is a dry fretboard overall bad?? Like can it crack??

    All fingerboards should be oiled LIGHTLY on a regular basis (once per year). Dunlop makes service kits with different cleaners and conditioning oil. Too dry, the frets can become dislodged, but too much oil and they can become dislodged too. PRS uses superglue on their core models to keep the...
  14. HANGAR18

    If money was no object what PRS guitar would you have

    If money were no object, I'd buy the factory, fire the guy who told me NO when I asked for a Private Stock Flying V, and then order a Private Stock Flying V.
  15. HANGAR18

    Custom 24/08 pickup advices

    Have you tried using the Tone control as well as manipulating the Volume control? These guitars are not designed to operate with the VOL & TONE knobs on 10 all the time.
  16. HANGAR18


    I'll get back to you on that.
  17. HANGAR18

    The best color for a PRS in your opinion?

    Black/Gold Burst. <Microphone drop.> What do I win?
  18. HANGAR18

    I'm delighted to see the citizens of Ukraine being supplied with fully automatic and...

    I'm delighted to see the citizens of Ukraine being supplied with fully automatic and semi-automatic rifles so that these ordinary people can at least try repel the Russian attack upon their country. Here in the United States, we have had armed citizens deterring a Russian invasion for hundreds...
  19. HANGAR18

    Portable solar generators?

    I'm currently a big fan of Generac generators. We had one installed at the last house we lived in (which we were never planning to move out of). That was a 22 kilowatt generator, it was tied into the city's provider of natural gas and handled the electrical demands of the whole house. (That...
  20. HANGAR18

    What are the non-PRS guitars in your arsenal you'll just never quit?

    DEAR... GOD... That is quite a collection of non-PRSi.