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  1. jfb

    Luxury guitars?

    Yep. Their 15 French Oak Reserve is so, so good.
  2. jfb

    Luxury guitars?

    I would drink all of those. Party at yours!
  3. jfb

    The Fat Guy Thread

    I’m in it to win it.
  4. jfb

    The gift of guitar

    Great guitars with great stories. I love seeing and hearing them. The TGS #1 and #2 series of builds are so tasty. Your Grass Stained Blue Jean is royalty.
  5. jfb

    Relic’ed Silver Sky?

    I like red stuff.
  6. jfb

    RIP Dusty Hill

    I have fond memories of learning how to play stuff from Antenna. It was around the time I picked up the guitar and was able to struggle my way through some of the riffs. Great times. My second ever concert was seeing them on that tour. There was just no denying the mojo. Rest easy, Dusty. My...
  7. jfb

    T-shirt design poll

    Sergio Sapphire was popular. I did like the last round of shirts we did which had a small left chest print and a big back. I think we should do up some sweat pants with a big print down one leg.
  8. jfb

    John Mann's Wood Library Special Semi-Hollows arriving #2

    Black Chrome is a color I could get behind. Love it.
  9. jfb

    NGD - 2020 DGT - Dark Cherry Sunburst

    Love it. Congrats on the DGT!
  10. jfb

    This Ones A Bit...Shall We Say...Different

    I just moved. Let me get a few things situated. Then I can get back into it.
  11. jfb

    This Ones A Bit...Shall We Say...Different

    Speeches and electronic music is my jam. I dig it. I have samplers, and certain effects, in my modular rig just for this purpose. I like it, Les. I am glad to hear what you are making these days.
  12. jfb

    Outstanding Experience PRS Performances

    I don't have any video of it, but I really liked SOJA. I was fortunate enough to see them in The Vault during Experience. A kind and talented group. I have been into them since seeing them. Here's a clip from the PRS YouTube of the singer talking about meeting Paul. It's a riot.
  13. jfb

    All things must pass

    Shawn, I have been fortunate enough to have my fair share of interactions with you. I have always been impressed your wide-eyed enthusiasm and friendly approach. You are as cool as they come. PRS is lucky to have had you. Where you are going is lucky to have earned your commitment. I hope our...
  14. jfb

    For everyone asking which PRS to buy next....

    I got McCarty. Sounds about right.
  15. jfb

    Private Stock Friday

    Always need another. I know we took a white one once. \m/
  16. jfb

    Private Stock Friday

    The top on that purple double banger is amazingly special. Somebody nailed it. SO SICK!
  17. jfb

    NGD: Almost a catastrophe!

    Congrats on the guitar and the safe arrival. My heart sank when I saw the photos even though the title eluded to a safe, or at least somewhat safe, journey.
  18. jfb

    Sgt. Steiner & Vintage PRS Database

    Yep. Every all hog guitar I have ever had has been something special and everyone who touched them agreed. But holy smokes maple, am I right?!