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  1. Eddie kim

    Eriza verde

    That’s one great looking CE you go there.
  2. Eddie kim

    Eriza verde

    Need to see pictures
  3. Eddie kim

    Mann nos2000

    Will there be a big difference between Mann nos200 bridge vs the Mann upgrade kit for my S2 cu24? Looks like is a few bucks more and simple install. Thanks in advanc. Eddie
  4. Eddie kim

    Korean SE 245 - Yay or Nay

  5. Eddie kim

    Is a dry fretboard overall bad?? Like can it crack??

    Fret Dr. dressing is all you need.
  6. Eddie kim

    The Great Gold Winged Tuner Search!

    I’ll keep a look out.
  7. Eddie kim

    S2 594 Replacement Knobs?? What fits?

    Here is my violin amber S2 with amber lampshade
  8. Eddie kim

    Finally joined the S2 Family!

    Welcome to the S2 family
  9. Eddie kim

    Pearloid pick up rings

    Anyone know where I can get some for my S2 cu24? Can’t find any when I search google.
  10. Eddie kim

    Zach Myers 3-way toggle lets me down

    Pure tone gets my vote
  11. Eddie kim

    Custom 24 Floyd- opinions?

    Did you look into the older SE Torero?
  12. Eddie kim

    NGD - Custom 24 Antique White

  13. Eddie kim


    I use to have migraines and severe headaches for years. Turned out to be meningioma/tumor in my head. After many head surgeries, I haven’t had migraines or headaches in 3 years.
  14. Eddie kim

    New PRS owner- Question about QC

    If you just got that, see if you can return and get a replacement
  15. Eddie kim

    New PRS owner- Question about QC

    I haven’t had any issues on my ZM model except for the things I’ve caused myself.