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  1. Bill SAS 513

    NGD - Update-Someone backed out on the green one I originally wanted-She's on the way!!!

    Green...why'd it have to be green??? Cuz that's the best damned color...ever!!!!
  2. Bill SAS 513

    NG'sD - Custom 24 ..........and McCarty - thanks to you guys!!

    Good gawd!!!! Congrats!!!
  3. Bill SAS 513

    Got my youngest her first rig (possibly off topic)

    Family first!!! Great Pictures!!!
  4. Bill SAS 513

    NGD! First was a dud. This one's a keeper.

    Great guitar...and love the background!!!
  5. Bill SAS 513

    Mark Lettieri tearing it up on his Fiore with Cory Wong

    Cory Wong ...brings rhythm guitar out front wonderfully!!! Love this.
  6. Bill SAS 513

    Alex Lifeson Guitar/Gear Auction

    So I FINALLY received the catalog...after a bunch of runaround with FedEx...Quite a mess, if you re-route a package. I went to pick it up at the local FedEx drop spot, and there were 2 packages...Julians Auction House threw in 2 bonus the R&R HoF , and the other on Music Icon gear...
  7. Bill SAS 513

    Mesa boogie nomad, studio, etc

    I just picked up a Nomad 45 head...after reading many reviews. (It was priced cheap enough, for sure) Very Mid heavy, but adjustable. I pulled up the sample settings provided by Mesa, and they ALL show the MIDS knob set very low for their sample sounds. (about 8 pages of Tone/Style suggestions)...
  8. Bill SAS 513

    OT: Figured wood fans: Claro walnut table

    Holy #^&$%^&*@#$%^!!!!!!!!!!!! Frickin beautiful wood...
  9. Bill SAS 513

    Music sleeve in progress HEALED

    Nice art job...and proud CE owner, too!!!
  10. Bill SAS 513

    The hills are alive with the sound of….

    Amen to that!!! Enjoy whatever it is you enjoy, my friend!!!
  11. Bill SAS 513

    The hills are alive with the sound of….

    Well Helmi...your statement could be many, I think??!! (IMHO, of course) I absolutely love Freebird, but I think one of the biggest factors that makes people have similar feelings about this song, or any "hit/popular" song like this for that matter, is the amount of airplay it...
  12. Bill SAS 513

    Just got out of surgery

    Congrats...hope all is going as planned...and about keeping up with the PT part...yup.
  13. Bill SAS 513

    Another Studio Photo Dump

    No doubt...looks like fun was had by all involved!!!
  14. Bill SAS 513

    McCarty 594 Gig Bag/Case Options - What’s Everyone Using?

    I love Mono and Levy's bags...have a few of each. The one criteria I have (besides great padding/protection) is that the zipper stops short of going around the butt of the instrument. This might seam silly to some, but it's something I like...
  15. Bill SAS 513

    Changed my mind

    Big fan of individual stomps... Enjoy the hunt...That's the best part. A few brands I love...Wampler, Keeley, Mojo Hand, and if Brian May is a sound you like...check out HBE (Home Brew Electronics)... Their Treble boosters rock...IMHO, of course.
  16. Bill SAS 513

    Photo shoot: PS3558

    I absolutely love Rain Forrest!!!! Nice...Congrats!!!
  17. Bill SAS 513

    Might need a Mira...

    MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...check out the older CE-22's... 22 frets and a big fatty necks...Perfection.
  18. Bill SAS 513

    I have made a momentous decision

    @#$%^&@#$%^&*!!!! Gittin old!!!!! I saw Black Sabbath and Blue Oyster Cult on the Black & Blue Tour...
  19. Bill SAS 513

    PRS Gold Top Query

    Looks really nice...and pretty legit...but why is the hi E out of the nut slot in the 1 pic??? Go for it!!! (If the price is right for you)
  20. Bill SAS 513

    NGD / NAD - Step away from the Bernie

    Good lord...many feelings. So sorry for your loss.