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    NG'sD - Custom 24 ..........and McCarty - thanks to you guys!!

    Daaaaammmmnnnn 'nuff said!!
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    Free cornbread at Denny's

    All I wanted a was a little cornbread you... Late to the game, don't know what's going on, and hope I contributed. Also...VELA!
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    Silver Sky SE bridge questions

    The saddles threw me. Never seen twisted medal ones before I'm used to seeing molded or machined. They work, that's what matters!
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    Upgrades for PRS Santana SE 2010

    That's looks pretty damn diddly darn good!!! Make me rethink my stock SE Santana... Really nice work, man.
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    These are a few of my Favourite Things

    Quilted tops with a deep staining, Rosewood necks with no pen painting, Mop birds and head stock wings, The are my favorite PRS things...
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    NGD - Update-Someone backed out on the green one I originally wanted-She's on the way!!!

    Those are smoking! Won't the people in the audience be confused though? "Looks he's playing the green one again!" I kid, and love those guitars. Thanks for sharing!
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    My Intro

    Welcome. Nothing moderate about your herd it sounds wonderful!
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    Silver Sky SE bridge questions

    Looks normal and exactly like my SE SS and you have the right color too :D It does look weird but this guitar/bridge brought me back to using whammy bars after many years of disliking them. This design is a winner for me!
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    NGD - Update-Someone backed out on the green one I originally wanted-She's on the way!!!

    Now that's something! Congrats and cant wait for in hand pics. My eyes are popping!!
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    Plans /blueprints semi hollow

    Good luck in your quest.
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    NGD! First was a dud. This one's a keeper.

    Very sweet axe. As I was scrolling down I was thinking Vela then the S2 Standard body showed up and wow! Nice setting for the picture too! Where is the brass block going? Follow up thought...aren't the tone pots on S2 series the same as Core? I seem to remember on my S2 594 only the volume...
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    Got my youngest her first rig (possibly off topic)

    Man, I think you're BOTH very happy from those smiles. Lots of love there. What a great Dad!
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    PRS SE2 Hollowbody, thin tone, and intermittent bursts of noise

    If you have not tried changing the battery please call the PTC. I had a different issue than you and they fixed my SE HB II Piezo pretty quickly. Good luck! It's an excellent guitar.
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    NGD! McCarty 594 Hollowbody content...

    Damn dude, Purple Ray for the trifecta! That's really sweet!
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    New crib for the Mira!!

    That's awesome, and a fantastic color. Congrats!!!
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    Thanks. I just realized its sitting on the ground not a cement wall :p
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    That is very cool looking! What is the scale of that star? It looks huge.
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    Who Would You Want To Front Your Band?

    Amy Taylor or Jim Heath. Look em up they're GOLD, Jerry!