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  1. wardog

    Guitar setup help

    So, I finally want to do my own setups on my collection and felt it best to ask my forum family for help. What do I need to do: Basic setup- the one where i put on strings, check neck and bridge saddle radius and string action. Tool, you guys use recommend? Advance setup- all the stuff...
  2. wardog

    2016 PRS Experience!!!!

    Just got my sig club member email!!!! Looks like it is happening this summer and not in September. Same 2 day format as the 30th anniversary event last year.
  3. wardog

    Yes, it's a rumor!!! Wink Wink

    I heard the guitars that are being displayed at the winter NAMM will be for sell at this year's PRS Experience!!! ( Can Shawn or Hunter or the mods put a bug in PRSh's ear. I call dibs on the red one with the scratch plate) :cool:
  4. wardog

    One thing I do like about Guitar center!!!

    Guitar center sessions on direct tv. One of my favorite musician related shows on tv. Watching Jason Derulo. And his guitarist is rocking a prs Dgt.
  5. wardog

    Should prs make a humbcker sized p-90?

    I am surprised PRS does not have their own p-90 series pickups. I would be first in line for a neck humbcker sized one. Is these a reason we don't see them?
  6. wardog

    Byo Kits. Let see what you guys have accomplished!!!

    SO, I have been thinking about doing an amp kit for some time know and feel a 40/50 watt kit is what I would like to added to my current amp setup. I figure a few of my fellow members must have done some BYO kit and I would love to see what you folks have completed. Also, kit reviews are a plus.
  7. wardog

    BeatBuddy drum machine foot pedal

    Does anyone have experience with this pedal. I saw a mention of it here from Corey T I believe. I have looked at a number of youtube videos on it and it looks like what I need to spice up my playing/practicing in the basement. I would love to hear of anyone's experience before I buy one.
  8. wardog

    NGD x 2-30th anniversary item acquisition!!!!!

    So about a week before the 30th event I rolled into the local GC for strings and was shocked to see this in the acoustic Room. I was blown away buy the feel and the looks and the hard case!!!! What and this is an SE!!!! And for the hell of it, yes I put some locking tuners on it, Why ...
  9. wardog

    Who did u meet at the PRS 30th anniversary event

    Yes I am that excited. I just meet hanger18 and his awesome wife at the concert. Really nice folks. I saw jfd via his monogrammed hoodie. Need to say hello before the night is done. Oh as for the concert WOW us all I can say!!!
  10. wardog

    30th Anniversary Excitement !!!!!

    So, I was looking at the current core line and noticed there has been a lack of Semi-hollows over the past years I have been a forum member here. So, based on the info for the upcoming event, could there be some core semi-hollow models ready to debut? I really want to add a semi-hollow to...
  11. wardog

    Wiring help needed

    I have a set of 59/09's and was thinking of putting them in the SE semi Zack Myers. Can anyone help on the wiring. I know if I had one vol and tone I could do the mod and coil-tap. But with 2 vol and 2 tone I am lost little. Not sure how to treat the 3 wires. I assume one is tap and the...
  12. wardog

    Nothing better on a cold/ raining day like....

    For me it is a good spicy chili. Not to thick and not runny. And for a fast for chain Wendy's his it down.
  13. wardog

    PRS history on the 1995 models needed

    I do not confess to be an expert on PRS history, so I am asking the folks on the forum for some enlightenment. I have a 95 24 custom and a 20th anniversary 22 custom in my stable. I noticed today they are the only Prs guitars that do not have the double fret side dots at the twelfth fret. Was...
  14. wardog

    Any HB owners ever use flat wound strings?

    what do you like/liked or not like/liked about flat wound strings on your Hollowbody I, II or archtop guitar?
  15. wardog

    Prs Soap-bar pickups??????

    Because I have never seen it discussed since becoming a forum member( too lazy to search for topic too). I wanted to ask the group if anyone with soap-bar pickups have ever changed them out to mini-humbuckers? And, what brand? Also, have any of you ever replaced them with another brand of...
  16. wardog

    s2 custom 22 semi-hollowbody!!!!!

    WHAT!!!!! cu 22 And the mira and singelcut. PRS is killin it!!! Siglecut
  17. wardog

    Keep it humidified please!

    So, I have had a good year transitioning over the rest of my guitars to PRSi. I now have a wonderful addition to the family. An SC HBII in faded whale blue--pics will come soon. For the members with hollowbody guitars, how do you humidify them? Is there a need to humidify? Thanks in...
  18. wardog

    Forum TRC!!!!

    Hey Shawn, do you still have any of the Forum truss rod covers left?
  19. wardog


    So, some of you are aware I had wrestled with the idea of a refinish of my 95 custom 24 to top. After much thought and suggestions from friends and forum members I sent off my favorite prs to get a make over. Before she went of I did mod her to the specs i wanted on pickups and wiring of...
  20. wardog


    So, after doing some scraping and dealing , i got back to my local GC and brought home a MC58 artist top 22 in orange smoke burst. The covered 57/08's are killer. even in tapped mode I am blow away by the sound, not to mention the feel of this beauty. For sitting for 3 years this it is in...