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  1. Eurometal

    refretting a Warmoth neck

    Hi , going to refret an old Warmoth neck of mine. It is of the compound radius variety. Which radius frets should I buy ?
  2. Eurometal

    PRS Flying V!!!

    that pink mess deserves a free trip to the bandsaw, sorry
  3. Eurometal

    Private Stock Friday

    tasty doubleneck
  4. Eurometal

    NGD: DC3 Pleasant Surprise

    the Ferrari sticker screams Yngwie. if he were to buy a real guitar.
  5. Eurometal

    Carlos Santana and wicked tone

    need to get a Mesa/Boogie
  6. Eurometal


  7. Eurometal


    Where's it at ??? l think somebody here owns it, The best SC ever made, the one piece Koa body RW neck ??
  8. Eurometal

    Video Review of a Special Private Stock I found in Japan

    Killer guitar , sounds amazing
  9. Eurometal

    What are you playing or practicing right now?

    The Sails of Charon - Scorpions
  10. Eurometal

    JB in a Cu24?

    l had a guitar that came with a JB installed , yanked it. Average at best IMO
  11. Eurometal

    What strap lock do you use?

    DiMarzio cliplocks all around. love them
  12. Eurometal

    Private Stock Friday

    I was thinking that ^^^
  13. Eurometal

    OT: What are you watching on TV?

    Shawn, see this ?
  14. Eurometal

    OT: What are you watching on TV?

    been rewatching Game of Thrones waiting for April
  15. Eurometal

    Video blog of my guitars

    Awesome collection.
  16. Eurometal

    Vineham Pickups

    never heard of them
  17. Eurometal

    What are you listening to right now?

    where is Dave ?
  18. Eurometal

    Core neck profiles

    cool Thanks