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  1. 12manD

    Tuning stability - E/A/D

    In my experience with a 2017 CU24 and 2020 Tremonti the slots need to be widened ever so slightly. I also put light machine oil on the bridge posts to keep everything smooth. Admittedly may be overkill but it definitely does the job.
  2. 12manD

    This has been my "go to" guitar/amp as of late... what's yours?

    Oh yeah I definitely love mine. I got that when I turned 18, they had just came out so my first one had some issues but after that smooth sailing. Takes time to get it dialed in right but man they definitely can sound great.
  3. 12manD

    This has been my "go to" guitar/amp as of late... what's yours?

    The amp rig as of now, I need some great clean in my life.
  4. 12manD


    My turn now I guess, going in tomorrow to see a hand specialist. I hit the back side of my hand behind my ring finger. Had a shooting burning pain going on. That was Saturday, Sunday sat down to practice and my pinky has lost majority of strength and coordination. Couldn't do simple hammer ons...
  5. 12manD

    What are the non-PRS guitars in your arsenal you'll just never quit?

    My Carvin '91 DC127 is a lifer for me. The first great guitar I owned. Still loving it 13 years later!
  6. 12manD

    NGD! First PRS day! SC245 Emerald Green

    Congratulations! Classic PRS color on that one!
  7. 12manD

    The best color for a PRS in your opinion?

    Okay, charcoal or charcoal burst because that's what I have!
  8. 12manD

    The best color for a PRS in your opinion?

    Also, is Cobalt Blue discontinued?
  9. 12manD

    The best color for a PRS in your opinion?

    Santana Yellow, Bonnie Pink, Charcoal man... to hard to decide
  10. 12manD

    Chrome Silver Sky Superbowl half time show

    Definitely has the Satch vibes I'd take one for sure and yeah there was no way any of the music was live.
  11. 12manD

    Chrome Silver Sky Superbowl half time show

    Sorry no pics but there is a complete chrome silver sky being rocked out on the Superbowl Half time show!
  12. 12manD

    Finish crack in new Core Custom 24 35th anniversary

    You sir have won! Gorgeous!
  13. 12manD

    SCT Singlecut Trem User club

    My entry, although I would LOVE an SCT!
  14. 12manD

    My First PRS

    Oh my!! Semi Hollow but COMPLETELY GORGEOUS!! Welcome!
  15. 12manD

    NGD - Wildwood Custom 24-08 10 Top "Purple Mist"

    I think a famous quote says it best... ... it's fabulous -George Castanza
  16. 12manD

    ISO: My old 2000 Custom 22 Soapbar (Black, Maple, Birds)

    Not a PRS but I had a 1988 Kramer Paul Dean in a metallic bubble gum pink that I traded away... that day haunts my life lol admittedly the guitar I traded for doesn't come close in value but it is one of the best guitars I have ever had. I definitely feel you on this one.
  17. 12manD

    tuning issues and possible remedies for DGT

    Most probable that the nut is catching the strings. I usually check by tuning up then doing a bend or heavy vibrato and If the string goes out the nut needs to have the slots cleaned up a bit and lubed. Also make sure there are no extra wraps of strings on the post. Also make sure the string is...
  18. 12manD

    NGD 21’ Santana Retro 10 top in Santana yellow

    Oh man, that green is beautiful but your Yellow Santana is PERFECT!! Right color, righteous top, that guit has it going on!!
  19. 12manD

    Custom 24-08 Delays

    I'm in the same boat, I pre-ordered a Cobalt Blue Special Semi Hollow earlier in the year with a ETA of September 2021, that quickly got moved to June 2022. They will ship one day, probably not today but the wait will be worth it.