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  1. Stephen J.

    I’m getting OWNED on TGP!

    Produces more twang.
  2. Stephen J.

    Mayer with a "new" PRS Combo ??? Dead & Co

    It is hard to see, but it doesn't look like anything is actually plugged into the front input. The Custom 50 is a great amp. I am not hearing anything in that song that it would not be capable of doing. It would not surprise me if he had a stock one on the stage.
  3. Stephen J.

    NGDR - 2021 Cu 24-08 - Yellow Tiger

    Glad it worked out. The original guitar looked awesome, but so does the one you got. Too bad you had the roller coaster experience, but it sounds like a ride you would get on again now that you have made it to the end.
  4. Stephen J.

    Hooo, hooo!

    Hooo, hooo! Please allow me to introduce myself I'm a man of wealth and taste
  5. Stephen J.

    PRS Robben Ford model

    I have always questioned my memory on this, but since we are talking about “new” features that actually aren’t, help set my mind straight on this. I remember being in a store in the early ‘90s and they had a 7 string guitar. This is where I question my memory. I remember the guy at the store...
  6. Stephen J.

    Silver Sky: Buy 2019 now or wait for 2021?

    Can you buy one of the ones you played?
  7. Stephen J.

    PRS Robben Ford model

    No comments on the guitar, but it looks like a McCarty with the PG/08 switching. Looks like he has had a variety of special builds.
  8. Stephen J.

    PRS Robben Ford model

    You have mellowed over the years.
  9. Stephen J.

    It the knife edge on my bridge still ok?

    It is probably fine if the bridge was flat against the body and it wasn’t used. It looks a little worn, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it needs to be replaced. Play it and see how it goes.
  10. Stephen J.

    Thinking about a PRS guitar.

    I am under the impression Mjk412 is looking for a left-handed guitar, so all the right-handed only PRS suggestions don’t apply.
  11. Stephen J.

    Thinking about a PRS guitar.

    Have you tried it with your amp, or just in a store? You might like it just fine once you get it home. I would get it and play it for a month or so and see if you don’t find amp settings and pickup height and pole piece adjustments that sound good to you. I would be more interested in putting...
  12. Stephen J.

    New HX?

    Watch the last minute or so.
  13. Stephen J.

    New HX?

    I would be interested in loud amps if I had a place to enjoy them. I have a 2 Channel Custom 50 that I keep the master on the lead channel at 9:00 and the clean channel at 10:00. Every once in a while I will go louder, but I really don’t come close to using the power of the amp. Even my 15...
  14. Stephen J.

    Played a couple of Private Stock, no biggie...

    Sounds like a Pattern neck will get you what you want. Take a look at the Private Stock Friday post from last week. You might see something in there that looks interesting.
  15. Stephen J.

    Hot Pink Silver Sky

    I can’t tell John Mayer is is producing satire or if he is sincere. I guess that is the sign of good satire, if that is his intention.
  16. Stephen J.

    PGD: DGT StopTail

    DGST (David Grissom Stop Tail)?
  17. Stephen J.

    The "Forum Package"

    I vote guitars get sent to Sergio and he gives them the Forum Package. The owner pays shipping both ways and he gets complete artistic license to modify it however he wants.
  18. Stephen J.

    S2 Singlecut Pickguard on Non-Pickguard Model?

    I agree with October3 and Going Modal . So long as there is enough length in the shafts of the potentiometers, it will likely work. Use the pickup rings to mark hole locations on the pick guard and use those screws and the potentiometers to secure the pick guard to the guitar and you won’t...
  19. Stephen J.

    Fiore vs SS.

    Kind of what I expected. I prefer 1 11/16”, but I will not turn my nose up at this if I get a chance to try one. At least it isn’t 1 ⅝”. Small differences, I know, but we like what we like.
  20. Stephen J.

    Archon - New Version

    Les, I think that is the longest post you have ever made. And you didn’t even go into a self critical dialogue with your self. I am glad you are so involved with your craft. No compromises. You know you could cut corners and still get paid, but you don’t.