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  1. ooglybong

    My new-to-me Santana question….

    Congrats! I was wondering who the very lucky person was who finally bought that beauty! I was at Parkway right after it came in, took it down admiringly… wow… but then I hung it right back up after having had acquired a couple too many guitars lately. Ha! So thanks for removing the temptation...
  2. ooglybong

    Fiore thoughts?

    Huh. This just occurred to me (and possibly already addressed elsewhere)… how is the SS routed? If it’s open enough, why not mod one with a splittable humbucker for HSS configuration, then also having a custom pickguard made somewhere? Or maybe use, say, a Duncan JB Jr. etc. and not even need a...
  3. ooglybong

    SE DGT?

    Hmm… maybe make it a… semi-hollow?
  4. ooglybong

    How many S2 Studio owners are in here?

    I love mine. Such a versatile tonal palette combined with a great neck and some classy styling. And sometimes, I really just like dots and a cool solid color. Time for a few photos, eh?
  5. ooglybong

    Knob indicator for core models?

    Ha! I do the same exact thing with the set screws! It’s really about all you need cuz, after that, it’s all going where your ear tells you to place it anyway. And I go all over the map there. Anyway… I have so many guitars and setting them all, say, to *5* does not always give me the same...
  6. ooglybong

    PRS Bolt On also Cores?

    Exactly. It’s gotta be more than that. I mean, can’t a Core model have a bolt-on neck within its particular design specs? Or would having a bolt-on, for instance, somehow ‘degrade’ a Private Stock? Nope. Sooo… I don’t see why an official Core model cannot also include bolt-on construction by...
  7. ooglybong

    PRS Bolt On also Cores?

    Interesting thread here, but now I’m wondering. Where would the bolt-on Brent Mason model fit in? The Johnny Hiland? And I have a Studio SAS, bolt-on with maple ‘board, set up with Studio HSS electronics (ok, so they’re Narrowfield ‘single-coils’). Now, I would consider both those as Core, along...
  8. ooglybong

    Dang Velas...

    OK, sure... As long as we're all drooling'... why not? :D
  9. ooglybong

    How can I make my PRS SE sound more like a Les Paul?

    Welcome to the forum! Honestly, I think what you might be hearing is mostly down to the nature of the high-output HFS pickup itself. My ‘90 CE-24 was, of course, loaded as stock with the HFS/VB pickups, and even those could’ve been described as you do here. And, TBH, after 25 years, I finally...
  10. ooglybong

    History of the PRS McCarty?

    I am absolutely not an electronics expert, but, as far as I can find out, the PRS Santanas do not offer onboard coil-splitting (via push-pull pots, etc) and are therefore likely to be 2-conductor wiring (not the 4-conductor wiring that's required). That being the case here, 'adding'...
  11. ooglybong

    ZM Help

    Phillip MacKnight reviews the new ZM and has a recommendation for replacement tuners in this recent YouTube video. I don’t recall how far in that advice is but, IMO, it’s a good demo that’s worth watching. Hope this helps...
  12. ooglybong

    Favorite Discontinued PRS Guitars

    The S2 Studio. Here’s mine...
  13. ooglybong

    Debating on new PRS

    Those pickups are highly thought of around these parts. I happen to own a rather similar Stripped 58 with 57/08s, and I really love it. I also find that that guitar is quite different from my LP, sooo... I'd check it out if you haven't already. All in my opinion and experience and YMMV, of course.
  14. ooglybong

    DGT question

    I bought my mahogany Standard locally, minty used, at my great local shop back when they came out during that brief window of time. My wife happened to be with me. I played it for about a minute... (I am already pretty thrilled at the tone and responsiveness)... looked up, and she had 'that'...
  15. ooglybong

    NGD - OT - ordered something from The Dark Side...

    Nice! Those are great guitars! I’ve had one for a few years now and always enjoy playing it. Beautifully put together. Plays and sounds great, with some unique pickup selections. I especially love that single coil in the middle, all by its lonesome. Oh yeah, those Y2Ds are right up there with...
  16. ooglybong

    NGD - McCarty

    Here’s another possibility... The seller might just have been the absentminded type, recalling enough to acknowledge from memory owning the original pickups, but, possibly being stored out of case (I’d not be storing them knocking about inside a case for no reason myself), he might have honestly...
  17. ooglybong

    Limited vs new Core Special Semi-hollowbody models

    Huh. I’ve never seen uncovered 58/15s either because, as far as I can tell, going by appearances, those pictured would therefore actually be 85/15s (the 58/15’s subtly brighter sounding brother). So, I read further down that page, and the description indeed specs them as 85/15 MTs. Cool discovery!
  18. ooglybong

    Humbucker recommendations?

    By the way, there’s another thread on this topic...
  19. ooglybong

    Humbucker recommendations?

    I have a ZM with a pair of Duncan Antiquities, and I think they’re a great pairing with a Classic Rock tonality, for lack of a better description. I also enjoy the visual vibe with the tarnished covers.
  20. ooglybong

    PRS....the perfect guitar????

    Cool video and a great demonstration of PRSes but especially the DGT in particular. Thanks for posting. (I subscribed to the guy's channel.) I did actually get all three comparisons correctly, but to be honest, I also had to scrub back and forth on two of them to be (pretty) sure before...