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    Pick-up replacement

    Have you tried lowering the pickups while raising the adjustable polepieces?
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    Custom 24/08 pickup advices

    If you want to stay with PRS pickups and sound more vintage, look into the 57/08 and/or 59/09. 53/10 usually get high marks too, but are much harder to come by.
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    Hard Case Options for CE24

    I place a folded t-shirt underneath the body of my CE24. That makes up the difference of the thinner body, and places less stress on the neck. Fits like a champ! :cool:
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    CE24 Wiring Question

    If you have a multimeter, you could probably figure it out. But yes, an email to PRS would get you the most official results.
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    CE24 Wiring Question

    Providing the TCI pickups follow the same color code as the Tremonti pickups, the individual wires would be: -Black (Hot to 3-way Toggle Switch) -White (Ground) -Red/Green (Series Connection to Push/Pull) -Shield (Ground)
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    Vintage PRS CE24 - Temporary Dead Spot Solution

    What about trying tuning machines with a shorter string post to create a sharper break angle over the nut? I know that Gotoh offers staggered sets, as well as adjustable height posts.
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    Pickup Decisions…HELP!

    For a bridge pickup to match the 59, I’d go with a 59/Custom Hybrid. Also, if the 59 is too “boomy” in the neck (which can happen with 22 fret guitars), look at the Jazz.
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    Neck scarf joint on PRS SIlver Sky, Is in all models? What say John Mayer?

    The newer iteration of the CE guitars have the scarf joint as well.
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    Seymour Duncan JB vs. Bare Knuckle Holy Diver Comparison Video using my McCarty 594s

    The JB has an upper midrange “krang” thing going on. Hard to get lost in a mix with that!
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    CE 24 Tuner Replacement

    Schaller does make the M6 Pin model, but it uses two pins per machine unlike the CE’s that have one. The only tuner I can think of with one pin offhand is Sperzel, but don’t know if they would line up… Sperzel also offers the EZ Mount that grabs the headstock with two teeth instead of pins...
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    CE 24 Tuner Replacement

    If you're looking for a rear thumbwheel locking, perhaps consider a nice set of Gotoh tuners. I'm pretty sure they make the vintage style tuners for PRS, and maybe the Phase 3 as well. Philadelphia Luthier Tools has the top of the line SGV510 (and others) in a variety of colors. ;)
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    98 CE24 Pickup Change

    @SamIV I can recommend the Seymour Duncan Whole Lotta Humbucker. I just played my 2016 CE24 (w/85/15) back to back with my Gibson Les Paul (w/WLH), and they sounded pretty similar. I would say the 85/15 was perhaps a little more "hi-fi", while the WLH had a more aggressive upper midrange...