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  1. Domingo Lantigua

    Show Your Tone Monsters

    Did someone say Tonemaster
  2. Domingo Lantigua

    NGD-She's here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I guess it's aight. Its got all those little lines of imperfection on it lol.We should get together and jam one day, before all the hole in the wall clubs open back up
  3. Domingo Lantigua

    NGD (first PRS) Wood Library DGT - Copperhead

    So the fabled Unicorn does exist. That neck is killer, think of me if it needs a new home
  4. Domingo Lantigua

    59/09s throughout the years

    I got a set in which I put nickel covers on. Had them in an LP, but didn't like the way they sounded , so I yanked them. I do have a brushed neck one in my WL DGT and it sounds really good. I wish they would bring back the brushed look
  5. Domingo Lantigua

    59/09's in an LP/DGT

    I ended up taking them out and going back to the Seymour Duncan Alnico Pro/ Slash. It's the closest to what I want from a Les Paul. Guess I'll be getting rid of thos 59/09's. Thanks everyone for the input!
  6. Domingo Lantigua

    59/09's in an LP/DGT

    Yes that's how I wired . Its not thin sounding , just not enough Bass . I fiddled with my amp settings and tweaked the heights and it is better. I may go back to some Seymour Duncan since they were closer to what I hear in my head. It's not to take away anything from the 59/09's . They are...
  7. Domingo Lantigua

    59/09's in an LP/DGT

    This helped a bit, thanks
  8. Domingo Lantigua

    59/09's in an LP/DGT

    And here we go...I got a set of 59/09's (round bobbins, uncovered) from Reverb. Ordered a set of nickel covers and installed them on my Les Paul :eek:. Did a quick setup and adjustment, and lo and behold... The heavens did not part , choirs of angels did not sing. In other words , I was very...
  9. Domingo Lantigua

    Rarity of Natural Tops

    OK, it is a stoptail
  10. Domingo Lantigua

    Rarity of Natural Tops

    Im not sure if we can post Reverb links , but it just popped up this morning. I just checked and its still there
  11. Domingo Lantigua

    Rarity of Natural Tops

    One just popped up on Reverb! Not me
  12. Domingo Lantigua

    Let's see those McCarty's (All variants)

    Here's my McRosie Standard
  13. Domingo Lantigua

    Let's see those McCarty's (All variants)

    I'll take the WL in the middle if you ever want to get rid of it.. Nice collection BTW
  14. Domingo Lantigua

    Babies got back(plates)

    I'm from Jackson Heights, Queens also.:):):)
  15. Domingo Lantigua

    Babies got back(plates)

    Yes that was the intent. The other one's plates match the fretboard( Madagascar Rosewood)
  16. Domingo Lantigua

    Babies got back(plates)

    Looks like JLo and Shakira at the Superbowl. Wood Library DGTs Backplates and trem covers from Bob's Custom Plates. Highly recommended
  17. Domingo Lantigua

    Covered 59/09?

    I've been looking for a set. Bought a pair of the old (non Squabbins) ones on Reverb. Gonna put covers on them. The only thing is this storm has them stuck somewhere in Limbo. I'm thinking about putting them in my Les Paul. I just checked Coral go
  18. Domingo Lantigua

    DGT with maple neck and fingerboard

    Can't go wrong with a DGT, especially with that wood combination. Good luck, and would love to see pics when you get it
  19. Domingo Lantigua

    Holy grail setup?

    I'm an obsessive tweaker. I actually adjust more than I play, which is very bad. This is due to my various D's (OC, AD etc). If I can get everything to be like my IRW DGT , I might leave them alone , but I doubt it. However, I'm slowly learning that they are all individuals and will all never...
  20. Domingo Lantigua

    PRS....the perfect guitar????

    I watched the video and enjoyed it. I have two DGT's which I love and play more than my other guitars. They have their own unique voice. Neither one of them sound like my Strats Tele or Gibsons. And they sound different from each other and from my McCarty. If I was still playing out I would...