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  1. Sekunda

    Talented PRS forum member creations! Check it out!

    Those look awesome!
  2. Sekunda

    The Official Carlos Santana thread. (The place for all things Carlos)

    Just learned “All I ever wanted” for my cover band... what a smokin’ tune!
  3. Sekunda

    NGD - DC 594 10-Top in Honey

    I always loved that color too... nice axe, congrats!
  4. Sekunda

    Good buys at the accessory store right now.

    I picked up a block logo, 35th anniversary and graveyard tees, plus some fretboard conditioner... score!
  5. Sekunda

    What percentage of your guitars are PRS?

    3 of more than a dozen... so far
  6. Sekunda

    Please fill me in on Dragon II pickups.

    My 2000 Custom 22 has them... they are aggressive, hot, ripping pups! Love them. Very articulate when you roll back the volume knob too...
  7. Sekunda

    The "Official Silver Sky" Thread

    Don't forget to pull her hair too... ;)
  8. Sekunda

    Private Stock Friday

    Happy Friday! :cool:
  9. Sekunda

    PRS new owner - what should I know?

    Cool stuff:
  10. Sekunda

    Do Cute Amps Matter?

    Let me know how that head sounds with those speakers... I'm always interested in better sounds :D
  11. Sekunda

    It's a sickness... NGD, two 594s in a month!

    That one's nice too! I've had mine for about a year now (my first 10 top ever) and it still amazes me every time I play it.
  12. Sekunda

    It's a sickness... NGD, two 594s in a month!

    The black looks great on it! I think I'm needing a gold top SC myself... The 594 is very addictive \,,/
  13. Sekunda

    Do Cute Amps Matter?

    @Les - I finally got my bottom cab... almost 3 months to the day again. It definitely makes the amp sound bigger and spreads the sound out with more mids and low end. Also ordered some Studio Slips padded covers for them for transport to gigs. I know, I know... they should never leave the house...
  14. Sekunda

    594 appreciation thread

    Here's my blood Orange 594. She definitely has that unplugged tonal beauty...
  15. Sekunda

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays all !!!

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! Best wishes for more guitars tomorrow morning!
  16. Sekunda

    Do Cute Amps Matter?

    Yes, the red light is standard... Channel one is green, channel 2 red
  17. Sekunda

    Do Cute Amps Matter?

    Thanks! I really like it... Can't wait to put the other cab under it though
  18. Sekunda

    Do Cute Amps Matter?

    Finally got some pics uploaded... I know, slacker. I recently ordered the bottom 1x12 Fillmore cab to match it. Should get it around Christmas. This has the stock Celestion Custom 90 in it and so does the bottom cab. It's very punchy and articulate, very different sound for every guitar I plug...
  19. Sekunda

    Private Stock Friday

    Bless you! :D