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  1. Gie663

    Strings for SE custom 24

    My Custom SE 24 came with PRS Classic 9-42 strings, and they are quite fine. I also used to play wit Elixir Nanoweb 9-42’s, which last longer, but I like the PRS Classics more. They are manufactured by D’Addario, and they sound a bit more incisive.
  2. Gie663

    SE Nut - Why the hostility?

    I play an SE custom 24 and changed the standard nut for a graphtec one quite quickly after purchase. From then on no more tuning instability.
  3. Gie663

    What/Who has helped you learning most!!

    I consider myself an ‘advanced beginner’. During lockdown I bumped into ActiveMelody, the guitar teaching website of Brian Sherill. He’s mostly focussed on blues and country but hey, he got me playing all over the neck in no time. What’s more he’s an outstanding teacher (l can tell, because I am...
  4. Gie663

    Do you chew your picks too?

    I try not to stack them in my mouth unknowingly anymore. Lately during rehearsal I borrowed a pick from my fellow band member and found it between my lips a few minutes later. Yucky ! I’m afraid it is stronger than myself.
  5. Gie663

    Strings!!! Whatcha’ using?

    PRS classic 09-42. Ideal for a lot of blues bending.
  6. Gie663

    Strap Locks that fit PRS factory strap buttons

    I changed the stock strap buttons for Dunlop strap locks. The change went smoothly, the Dunlop screws a teeny weeny bit thicker than the original PRS screws, but I didn’t feel like wrecking my SE Custom 24. One disadvantage : I prefer the looks of the original strap buttons more, the Dunlops...
  7. Gie663

    Nut replacement

    You could also engage a luthier to replace it for you. Normally not an expensive operation (around 30 euros here in Belgium).
  8. Gie663

    LOVE my new PRS but ongoing tuning issues - need some help

    I bought the Graphtech nut myself on the internet (around 10 euros), and had a luthier install it cost me 30 euros. So the bank didn’t break :).
  9. Gie663

    LOVE my new PRS but ongoing tuning issues - need some help

    Hello, I bought a PRS SE Custom 24 six months ago and I experienced the same tuning issues. I had a luthier change the standard nut for a GraphTech Tusq nut. Since then no more tuning instability ! I did the same with my Telecaster by the way. I don’t understand why such major guitar brands...
  10. Gie663

    Strap Lock for PRS?

    Since my telecaster has Dunlop strap locks, I also installed them on my PRS SE Custom 24. A job done in 15 minutes. Never had any issues with the Dunlops.
  11. Gie663

    What gauge and string brand on PRS SE Custom 24

    I like the feel and the tone of the PRS 9-42 strings that came with the guitar when I bought it, so I stick to them.
  12. Gie663

    Upgrading tuners on SE 245

    I replaced the stock nut on my SE Custom 24 with the GraphTech Tusq nut and all tuning instability disappeared.
  13. Gie663

    Prs Se custom 24 Whale Blue stability

    I own an SE Custom 24 and encountered the same issues with the stock nut. I had it changed by a luthier for a Tusq nut, and the tuning instability disappeared. It’s a pity that so good a guitar features a mediocre nut.
  14. Gie663

    Small thing... what clip-on tuner fits the PRS headstock well?

    This is a PRS only problem it seems. I tried the Planet Waves micro tuner at the top and sideways on the headstock of my SE Custom 24, but it slips off quite easily although I try to secure it tightly. There just seems not to be enough room on the headstock, and the poly finish doesn’t help...
  15. Gie663

    Wont stay in tune :(

    Hello John, seems like we bought our SE Custom 24 almost simultaneously. I don’t have any fret buzz issues, but the guitar gets untuned quite easily. I have stretched the strings sufficiently, so that can’t be the problem. And I don’t use the trem (I keep it locked). Compared with my tele the...
  16. Gie663

    Why the 85/15 S hate?

    They are more than good enough for me, I bought my SE Custom 24 for the humbuckers in the first place. Compared to my Telecaster I think the single coil mode sounds a bit lean, it doesn’t really get into that whining twangy sound my tele can provide. But hey, this is very subjective, and I don’t...
  17. Gie663

    Introduce yourself!

    Ok, as promised, a picture of my two guitars. PRS SE Custom 24 (whale blue) and his well-respected cousin the Fender Standard Telecaster MIM.
  18. Gie663

    PRS siting in Italy!

    What a wonderful coincidence on the Piazza Navona : the sculptures and the watersound of Bernini’s fontana dei quattro fiumi, Borromini’s spectacular church of Sant’Agnese in Agone, and the PRS guitar serenade at dusk. This grande bellezza is second nature to Italy.
  19. Gie663

    SE Locking Tuners!

    If tuned rightly (so that the strings can’t slip from the tuner), there won’t be a difference between stock machine heads and locking tuners. But being a rather lazy person I like the benefit of the ease and the speed of string change with locking tuners :rolleyes:.