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  1. Chuck_P

    NGD: CE 24 inside...custom color

    That top is awesome. If I bought based on that picture and ended up with that top, I'd be stoked.
  2. Chuck_P

    Zach Myers Modified/Upgraded and loving it!

    Fantastic - how do you like the pickups?
  3. Chuck_P

    Well, it goes down tomorrow

    That's amazing. Come back and share your experience when you can.
  4. Chuck_P

    Bernie Marsden upgrades

    Love all the gold bling. I have been pondering a gold hardware project on an ES-335 for years but I think I would need a home equity loan to do it right. Great stuff.
  5. Chuck_P

    Civil War! Vela Vs Vela

    Thanks for this. Plenty clear enough to hear the differences, and to appreciate that they both sound great.
  6. Chuck_P

    SE Paul's Guitar vs Zach Myers

    If I can completely clog up this comment section with an observation that does not answer your question specifically, contains no insight about the topic generally, and furthermore doesn't even pertain to PRS as a man/myth/corporation: the Tru-Arc bridge in my Gretsch 5420 arrived in days, looks...
  7. Chuck_P

    What is this guitar? Custom 22? Special order McCarty Anniversary?

    If it has 22 pickups, it's probably not stock. I'd contact the PRS Tech dept for information on a 1.1240007277776E+21-way switch. (seriously though that's a beautiful instrument!)
  8. Chuck_P

    Ted has touched down!

    That's the one.
  9. Chuck_P

    Placed my order!

    There it is. Nicely done.
  10. Chuck_P

    NGD: Private Stock #8988 all Ziricote HBII Piezo

    Holy smokes what a remarkable guitar. That back is getting it done. Wow!
  11. Chuck_P

    New PRS

    Any of those will do you just fine. There are also a ton of used SEs out there. Generally, "Standard" SEs have a mahogany body and no maple top. "Custom" SEs have a maple cap with a maple veneer laminated on for the classic PRS look. (USA-made PRSi have a figured maple cap that does not need a...
  12. Chuck_P

    HSH options.....

    Was not expecting to see a PIA in this thread! That thing just radiates 90's cool.
  13. Chuck_P

    HSH options.....

    The 2 & 4 positions on my Limited Special Semi do not sound phasey / clucky like you might think, even with the front or back humbuckers tapped (the narrowfield not being a real single coil could contribute to this?). They sound complex, bright and beautiful, but it's not really strat-like at...
  14. Chuck_P

    PRS SE Custom 22 semi hollow Santana yellow.

    Nice purchase. It sure would be nice if we could see it.
  15. Chuck_P

    Seymour Duncan SH-15 & SH-16 and SE mods?

    I put a 59/Custom in the bridge and a Pearly Gates in the neck of an SE Singlecut, replacing a HFS and a Vintage Bass. I have been very pleased. The 59/custom is more vocal and dynamic (maybe more "vintage" or "classic") and the Pearly Gates is chimier and much more useful to me. I felt it was...
  16. Chuck_P

    ...and just like this Ima PRS guy

  17. Chuck_P

    Action was high as h*ll!!

    Well, my 335 remains skeptical, but I think that's one beautiful guitar, inlays, top, and all.
  18. Chuck_P

    Action was high as h*ll!!

    Shouldn't Dottie, uh, not have birds?
  19. Chuck_P

    Humbucker vs Trembucker

    DiMarzio sent me a humbucker that was supposed to be a Trembucker this past December. It was in a trembucker box (they call it f-spaced), with a trembucker sticker. I had it all the way in the goddanged guitar and strung before I noticed. ARRGH. I pulled it out, packed it back up, and sent it...
  20. Chuck_P

    Special 22 Semi Hollow (SSH) Modification Thread

    Oh, right. Got it. Can't wait to hear how it turns out!