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  1. Daryl Jones

    OT: Figured wood fans: Claro walnut table

    Wow, I'd be afraid to have someone leave a glass or cup ring on that gorgeous piece!
  2. Daryl Jones

    PRS SE Custom 22 High E Issue

    I love it when a plan comes together! I think some guitar techs might be a lot like orthopedic surgeons and get a God complex or something. I know way more Orthopods than the average bear and have come across a couple techs that are really full of themselves in much the same way. Good ones are...
  3. Daryl Jones

    For Why?

    "I'm so confused!" Vinnie Barbarino I do like the "onebucker" quip though "Dood, I almost had you!" "You, almost had...ME? You were never in it!"
  4. Daryl Jones

    Solved / Would you go around with your 20k PRS?

    I can only guess at the situation as I'll likely never be in it. But for me, I crap razor blades if I have to leave any guitar in the case locked in my truck in the small town I live in. I also agree with Sergio though, any guitar deserves to be played no matter how it arrives there, especially...
  5. Daryl Jones

    Random. No more or less

    The sun is shining pretty brightly today. Just had a call from my dealer and I will have a NGD post soon. Just how soon remains a bit of a mystery, but it's within reach now. Now if I can keep my sanity for a couple more weeks...:p
  6. Daryl Jones

    What are you listening to right now?

    Currently rekindling my feels for Boston. I was always digging their sound, but I'm "hearing" more of what's inside of it now. Call me a dinosaur, but I like the old way of doing things sometimes. I have a friend that knew Tom rather well and didn't like him as a person. I said he doesn't have...
  7. Daryl Jones

    Warm-up act…..yay or nay

    A loooong time back I went to see ZZ Top in their first live appearance in Edmonton. Being of the age I was at the time and the typical extra curricular activities and various "mood enhancers" of the day the crew and I were quite excited to head to the big smoke and experience the vibe for real...
  8. Daryl Jones

    NGD - Starla content

    Nice find! Bigsby's are kind of attractive to me, I have a bit of a ham fist tendency. I think it became part of me from packing 1/4's of beef over my shoulder for 30 years.
  9. Daryl Jones

    Signature on Private Stock: covered or not?

    I believe that. I know before I had my sponsor stickers and Nicky Hayden's number on my race bike it was a good 100th of a second per lap slower with plain #R258 Honda red...:p
  10. Daryl Jones

    Not playing a PRS, but I'm excited to share this...

    About the only thing musically I'd compare that twerp to is the subject of an old Jim Stafford tune: "Yippee Yi Yay...." Philly, my bad for going a bit pear shaped on your thread....
  11. Daryl Jones

    Not playing a PRS, but I'm excited to share this...

    Momma always taught me to tell the truth...enough whacks with the wooden spoon will make sure it's engrained.;) Justin Bieber is Canadian too, don't make him worth squat in my world.:D (we really need a "puke" emoticon)
  12. Daryl Jones

    it's official!!

    I call it "comfortable" :D
  13. Daryl Jones

    Introduce yourself!

    Welcome Freshante. We have a resident Vela buff here so he's yer guy for info on them. I will defer all other comments to Himself...
  14. Daryl Jones

    Not playing a PRS, but I'm excited to share this...

    Nicely done! I heard a group called Mahogany Rush do a rendition of that a long time ago as an opening act for Nazareth (I think, was about a hundred years ago) and they really juiced it up, and personally I think they blew it completely.
  15. Daryl Jones

    it's official!!

    Excellent! Glad you made it happen. And I take it back...I am jealous...em, just a wee bit. ;)
  16. Daryl Jones

    PRS SE Custom 22 High E Issue

    Sounds to me like that tech needs a proper set up himself.
  17. Daryl Jones

    PRS SE Custom 22 High E Issue

    My friend did, I watched. I'm wasn't/not knowledgeable enough to tackle that by myself. It's on my growth list but I'm not there yet. I still get the shakes changing strings but I'm getting better. One of my co-workers changed the pickups in his Squire himself and I watched him do it. Not...
  18. Daryl Jones

    PRS SE Custom 22 High E Issue

    I'm no guitar tech, but he "said" the neck was curved and offered no options on how to address it? I thought that is what truss rods and their adjustments were for....? I had to tweak mine a couple years ago and it was almost invisible to me. A gigging friend had never played a PRS before and...
  19. Daryl Jones

    legitimacy check

    Always good to rely on some more "expert" advice and guidance. From my point of view you have found a jewel to take pride in. That top/finish is gorgeous!
  20. Daryl Jones

    Introduce yourself!

    Welcome 50. I must say that you didn't spare the horsepower coming out of the gate! This is just a personal opinion, but while it's an eventuality (and a necessity) to dip into the theory pool, don't let it override the enjoyment factor in the learning process. True, while modes and the...