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    PRS Mira Mods

    I'd vote for tortoise shell. Here's a pic of my P90 loaded guitar with both options.
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    New "Ugly" Guitar Day!

    Haha. "I have no idea why guitar companies even make a color that I don't personally like". Trans black is my favorite. I'm currently on the hunt for one.
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    New "Ugly" Guitar Day!

    I'm a huge fan of plain tops. Also, trans black/gray is my favorite.
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    SE Standard's nut material is?

    Man, you're comparing the sound between a strat and a PRS, and you can tell the difference that the nut makes? If you listed the differences between the 2 guitars that have an effect on tone, I would think the nut would be near the bottom of the list.
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    Show your pedal boards here!

    Here's my current board. This was before I plugged in the power supply cables, so it's a little messy.
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    Scratchplates... Do we need them?

    I think they're less necessary on an arch top guitar because your pick is less likely to hit the top. But they can also be nice to rest your pinky on if you're used to resting your pinky on a flat top. On a les paul, I like the the way they look either way. I can't imagine one on a custom 24...
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    NGD: Private Stock Ultraviolet

    Amazing. I'd probably opt for a natural finish on the neck, but it's amazing either way.
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    2 volumes & 2 tones --> master volume + other stuff modding

    I'm the exact opposite. Having 2 volume controls is VERY useful when playing live. You can roll the volume off on the neck, and you basically have a built-in boost switch just by switching from neck to bridge. It's actually the thing I like least about PRS's in general. I know they do the 245...
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    First PRS, I'm new here

    I have gone through a lot of guitars in the last year or so. I grew up always being attracted to Les Pauls because all the punk bands I used to go see were playing Les Pauls. I have now owned a couple, and they just don't fit me. I have also always been a fan of Fender, and have an american...
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    Why are SE guitars so good?

    In my experience you don't have to worry nearly as much about supporting specific areas of the guitar as you do with a Les Paul since the body and neck angle are flat on a PRS. I'd say, as long as the body is laying flat you should be fine. Also, make sure the neck isn't being supported by the...