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  1. cpark_12

    NGD: S2 Vela in Vintage Mohogony

    Just a teaser pic...
  2. cpark_12

    NGD: S2 Vela in Vintage Mohogony

    So...I wasn't even looking for a new guitar, but I got an email from Sweetwater, got to looking around on their site, and this one tugged on my heart! I loved the color and started watching videos on it. That was it...I snagged it up quick like! It came in today, but I haven't plugged it up...
  3. cpark_12

    Show Me Your S2 Guitars

    I'll be able to post a pic in this thread on Tuesday! I just ordered an S2 Vela in Vintage Mahogany!
  4. cpark_12

    What would be your ultimate PRS guitar

    Mine would have to be: 24.5" scale Santana hollow body Madagascar Ebony top and fretboard Figured Mahogany back and neck Santana headstock with PRS Signature on Madagascar Ebony veneer Phase III tuners Adjustable wraparound bridge with Piezo pickup 58/15 pickups with brushed nickle covers and...
  5. cpark_12

    Post your favorite Private Stock

    I have a soft spot for the carve and scale of the Santana model. Add the hollowbody and I'm in heaven! Here's my favorite! It may be a tie between that one and this one...
  6. cpark_12

    NGD: Zach Meyers SE

    They really are a steal for the price! I've never played a PRS core, but if they're better than these, I really need to get my hands on one!
  7. cpark_12

    NGD: Zach Meyers SE

    Just wanted to show it off a little more and in some better lighting so you can see the flame and the truer color:biggrin:
  8. cpark_12

    NGD: Zach Meyers SE

    Maybe I'll try on the Santana and see if it works before I go screw something up on the ZM!
  9. cpark_12

    NGD: Zach Meyers SE

    Thanks guys! It's been awesome so far! Is there some sort of write up for this?!
  10. cpark_12

    Show your pedal boards here!

    It is great for sure! I just finished that power supply deal the other day. I have the relay 30 wireless system and it sat perfectly right behind the board, so I made a cord with a straight plug on one end and a pancake plug on the other to plug it up. I ran both power supplies separately the...
  11. cpark_12

    NGD: Zach Meyers SE

    So, I've had an SE Santana for a year or so now and it's been my main guitar since I played it for the first time. I love it! I can get such a good sound out of it and play so many styles of music with it. Well, I happened to be on the other day and they had 2 ZMs in stock. I...
  12. cpark_12

    Show your pedal boards here!

    Does this count?!
  13. cpark_12

    What kind of strings?

    I've always used GHS Boomers on all of mine. 10-46ga and they're great!
  14. cpark_12

    Strings oxidizing D'addarios vs Ernie Balls

    My brother has what we call "acid hands". He's rusted every string he has ever played, including coated ones. He finally figured out that keeping a rag damped with 3in1 oil and wiping the strings down actually prolonged the life of them. He's tried just about everything else, including...
  15. cpark_12

    Strings oxidizing D'addarios vs Ernie Balls

    Is this the 1st time it's happened, or does it just seem to happen with those strings?
  16. cpark_12

    Wanna Hear my Bernie?

    That's a great sounding guitar! I'm on the hunt for one now!
  17. cpark_12

    Show your SE!

    May as well post a pic of both of mine now:biggrin:
  18. cpark_12

    SE tuner button replacements

    The Grovers are great! I have a set on both my SE's and have zero complaints. The ones on my Santana have ebony buttons, but they were there when I bought it, so I'm not sure where you'd be able to get them.
  19. cpark_12

    PRS ONLY? What else do you play?

    Ever since I got my SE Singlecut, I've only put it down when I play acoustic...which is a Taylor GS Mini-E. I want to try out a PRS acoustic, but none of the stores/shops around here carry them.
  20. cpark_12

    A lot of guitars

    I just got my Santana SE about a week ago. It is an excellent guitar for sure! Definitely my favorite so far. If the SE's are this good, I'm definitely gonna have to get a US model!!!