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  1. Aether

    Noisy and microphonic pickups in early Special Semi-hollow

    I swear by the Electro Harmonix Hum Debugger pedal. Excellent hum eliminator, especially when I fire up the P90s.
  2. Aether

    PRS SC questions....

    2003 (top) and 2007 (bottom). The 2007 came first, between the extreme yellowing of the #6 pickups and rings and a little bit of top-end harshness that I wanted to tame, Adjusting pickup heights only got me so far, so I decided to experiment with wax potting and adding nickel covers. It did the...
  3. Aether

    My new-to-me Santana question….

    Yep, I think you nailed it. I’d gone through the 2018-2020 catalogs and none of the standard option colors for the Santana looked like this, so I wonder if this was a special run? Loving the guitar so far. This is my first PRS without the standard offset doublecut or LP-inspired singlecut body...
  4. Aether

    My new-to-me Santana question….

    What color finish is this? It’s a 2019 and the center is more orange than a cherry burst.
  5. Aether

    Hollowbody II Piezo SE- 2 Questions

    Not exactly the same, but very comparable….and yes, it’s not horribly difficult to add the 3-way mini-toggle (and add a push-pull coil-split tone pot while you’re at it). I did buy a seemingly unused used core from Dave’s a few months after getting the SE and I have to say, I think the SE’s...
  6. Aether

    Hollowbody SE vs CORE

    …and then…. Am I the only one confused by these two seemingly conflicting statements?
  7. Aether

    Hollowbody II Piezo Changes through the years?

    I recently bought a used 2020 HBII from a certain Midwest dealer who has a constantly revolving large used PRS inventory for about a thousand less than that 2001. Keep looking!
  8. Aether

    McCarty 594 - How to tighten pickup switch?

    A little dab of blue Loctite on the threads will help keep the nut from jiggling loose
  9. Aether

    PRS Se Zack Myers Nut Options

    Kluson Revolution tuners are 19:1 and are quite nice, I’ve replaced the Vintage style tuners on all my Gibsons with them. However, I can’t vouch for whether they’d work on a ZM.
  10. Aether

    PRS Hollowbody Appreciation Thread- or the Love of “Less is More”

    In another coming soon post, I nabbed this one yesterday from Dave’s used listings. Should arrive on Monday:
  11. Aether

    Change 5 way switching to 3 way

    Yes, if all you want is to go from 5-way rotary to 3-way, you just need the toggle - and you will indeed need to slightly enlarge the hole. But If you are interested in coil split sounds, you’ll want to get a push-pull pot too. In addition, you’ll likely want to add resistors the way PRS does to...
  12. Aether

    Help with identifying a PRS?
  13. Aether

    NGD ... fail?

    Unfortunately it looks like they found another buyer.
  14. Aether

    NGD ... fail?

    I put the guitar on my watch list yesterday to see how this would play out. Today, totally unsolicited, the seller sent me an offer approx 1k under the listing price. I responded with a link to this thread and asked “Is this the guitar?” Unsurprisingly, I have not received a response.
  15. Aether

    NGD ... fail?

    Looking at that dealer’s Reverb profile, it doesn’t appear that you have left negative feedback. You owe it to potential buyers to do so. You also should report the relisted item as a fraudulent listing since it is still being advertised as brand new with the original photos. As a buyer and...
  16. Aether

    PRS Se Zack Myers Nut Options

    Don’t have a Myers SE, but happy with the Graphtech on my Tremonti SE - which I realized after pulling off the stock nut, didn’t really need the upgrade, since it appears that they have started using similar materials as a core nut. It certainly wasn’t the crappy plastic nuts that folks have...
  17. Aether

    My tuning stability issue with PRS Custom 22 SE

    I’d suggest reading through John Mann’s instructions for his replacement bridge install. As you noted, there can be a difference in the screw dimensions between the SE and the Phase II Core screws (which John’s screws are identical replacements for), so he gives specific instructions on drilling...
  18. Aether

    Core CE24 vs newer CE24... what say you?

    Another vote for the CE semi-hollow. I also upgraded the bridge to a Mannmade and swapped out the 85/15 pickups for 57/08. While I’m fine with them on my Custom 22, the 85/15 set was a bit too bright/harsh for my tastes in conjunction with the maple bolt-on neck on the CE.
  19. Aether

    That $550 2021 Tremonti SE

    Here’s the seller that I bought it from: He doesn’t currently have one listed in the exact same style listed as the one that I bought, but they’re all handmade and he posts new ones all the time as he makes them.