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    se custom 24 neck rubbed back.

    Yeah 0000 steel wool would be good if you have it. I use those to clean my fretboard. I just prefer the pads for finish rubbing out duties. On my side of the globe, pads easily available to me are scotchbrite green and black, and this other brand Arix also has graded pads that come in...
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    se custom 24 neck rubbed back.

    Done this with two grades of synthetic pads (e.g. scotchbrite). One to rough out, and the next to remove the coarse scratches left by the previous grit. Pardon as the pics don't have the same exposure but the difference in sheen is there. I quite like (addicted to) the feel of a...
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    SE Mods

    This is hella cool! Been thinking about doing this to my stock pickups, which I'm really fond of. I've read about shunting through a resistor instead of grounding out 1/2 of the humbucker; is this the coil split arrangement of the Sig Ltd's? The owners don't seem to complain about any volume...