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  1. bricel24

    Rubber band on push pull pots

    I use a generic rubber band on the 5-way rotary of my 09 Standard 22 :D super helpful!
  2. bricel24

    Do you play guitar Professionally or for Pleasure

    I just started getting back to being in a band after so many years but no, i don't play for money, yet. I just enjoy it. Feels really good playing on stage and with great people. And I know I am not good enough either.
  3. bricel24

    Why are PRS Tuners so ugly?

    Funny, I actually find Grovers pretty ugly, generic-looking that belong to just certain style guitars but not a modern-looking PRS. Each to his own.
  4. bricel24

    Custom 22, McCarty or CE24?

  5. bricel24

    Show Your Space! (game?)

    My little jam room.
  6. bricel24

    Show your pedalboard!

    Thank you!
  7. bricel24

    Show your pedalboard!

  8. bricel24

    HB II Piezo question. Dead batteries.

    I learned the hard way when I first got my P22, batt life was too short and wondered if the system was shot. :D
  9. bricel24

    What is the Best Amp for your PRS Guitar

    This. I've tried several amps over the years and to me most Mesas I've tried work best with my PRSi. :D
  10. bricel24

    The Bernie is back !!

    That color is beautiful, also nice to know it has satin neck. Sucks that it's UK-only release. Love my Bernie though.
  11. bricel24

    PRS CE24 Case

    Dave's Guitars usually sells PRS OHSC (used) for about $99.
  12. bricel24

    Show us your blue guitars!

    Whale blue
  13. bricel24

    Show your pedalboard!

    Been a minute since I posted in here. I just finished wiring up a new (to me) Pedaltrain yesterday.
  14. bricel24

    Experience [2017] 2018

    Yeah I just realized that it's only two days to get into tours. Problem is the week we plan to travel we are attending a family graduation on a Tuesday and have made plasn to be in NYC Thursday. Ugh. Screwed. Thanks Shawn!
  15. bricel24

    Experience [2017] 2018

    Bummer, I thought there was one this year which I was planning around my east coast trip to visit family in DE :( I guess I could just at least drop by and ask for a tour.
  16. bricel24

    What artists influenced or what prompted you to get PRS gear?

    I listened to these guys heavily in the 90s and I'm just blown away with their PRS guitars whenever I see them play live on TV. Ever since I've always lusted for a PRS, which at a young age something I could not afford. Daniel Johns of Silverchair Marcos Cureil of POD Ed Roland and Ross...
  17. bricel24

    PRS Sonzera

    I was holding out on a Mesa TC50 this year but now this looks fairly attractive.