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  1. Joesnewmatch

    Chrome Silver Sky Superbowl half time show

    Loved seeing this. I'd rock that -- but guessing it's heavy!
  2. Joesnewmatch

    The "Official Silver Sky" Thread

    Damn, it looks like a 3/4 scale guitar next to him! lol
  3. Joesnewmatch

    The "Official Silver Sky" Thread

    Nothing fishy going on with mine. Did you check the bag? Congrats and hope you can get that fixed!
  4. Joesnewmatch

    Out With The Old, In With The New!

    Wow -- congrats! That's a beauty and a trade-up!
  5. Joesnewmatch

    Silver Sky

    I've heard so many different takes and issues, but my neck -- late 2020, was not stick at all, like smooth as could be (like a typical PRS neck). No issues with fret height, stickiness, static, or radius (which are all the gripes I've read, aside from the case debate). Maybe try another one...
  6. Joesnewmatch

    Silver Sky

    Adore mine. Was very curious, based on all the rave reviews -- which is exactly how I stumbled on so many great things in the past. I now have 2 "Strats" -- a Danocaster that is stellar with rocketfire pickups and the Silver Sky. Both feel and sound different. I find the SS to be one of, if...
  7. Joesnewmatch

    What is your second favorite guitar ?

    My two favorite brands at the moment are PRS and Collings. Completely different flavors of guitars. I can't say enough about my Collings - love em!
  8. Joesnewmatch

    John Mayer's HHH McCarty

    I dunno, I thought both sounded great and he was sort of channeling different eras of Jerry's playing. A bit of the old strat and Travis Bean days as well as the later stuff. Regardless, it's thrilling to see so an exclusive PRS lineup at such a high-profile show. Never saw that coming - and...
  9. Joesnewmatch

    The "Official Silver Sky" Thread

    Lighten up, Francis
  10. Joesnewmatch

    594 needs very soft touch?

    String gauge. Also, and I don't have a 594 to say for sure, but on a Gibson, tightening the tail piece down below the bridge can also tightened the string tension, which may also be helpful. Good luck!
  11. Joesnewmatch

    New Silver Sky Horizon Red Owner

    Congrats! I probably play my Silver Sky half of the time and love it. The rest of the time, it's usually a Gibson style variant (whether an actual Gibson or boutique guitar modeled in that style) -- so I applaud the approach. You have your bases pretty well covered. Enjoy!
  12. Joesnewmatch

    John Mayer's HHH McCarty

    Yes, but not clear if it came from PRS or a guy wanting to make his own version of Honey. If you find out, let us know!
  13. Joesnewmatch

    John Mayer's HHH McCarty

    I was hunting for info on Honey recently and stumbled upon a switching diagram, but don't remember where it was. Also curious about the guitar and any future releases.
  14. Joesnewmatch

    The criticality of pickup heights

    Great video. Thanks for sharing.
  15. Joesnewmatch

    Ennie, meenie, miny,.. Hey Moe!

    I vote DC3, though I've never played one. Those other two can't hold a candle to your Santanae, right?
  16. Joesnewmatch

    PRS Special 22 semihollow vs traditional Es 335 semihollow?

    I'm a big fan of semis. I own a SSH, a Rickenbacker 360, a Collings I-35lc, Collings I-35lc Vintage, and I also have a Collings I-30lc (full hollow body). Of all of those, the full hollow body sounds the most acoustic and stands out as very unique. The Rick 360 probably sounds the least...
  17. Joesnewmatch

    Core Special Semi Hollow

    I play Strats and find the spacing between pickups much more conducive to different styles of picking. On the SSH it's a very tight space and I typically just aim for the space between the neck up and middle. Most of the time, it's no biggie. Also, my action is very low, so that might be a...
  18. Joesnewmatch

    Core Special Semi Hollow

    @SundanceSanDiego, I sometimes find the middle be in the way when playing unplugged but it doesn't bother me as much when plugged in for whatever reason. Even if not optimal, the 2 and 4 positions are so good, I'm happy to adapt. YMMV
  19. Joesnewmatch

    tried a Fiore

    What are you waiting for -- get going and report! Appreciate the OP's short review. I'm intrigued, but blissfully happy with my SS.