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    My latest creation:

    Oh my god. The Chinese are making a knock-off of my design. Not to mention the guitar. Wow. First Hetfield steals my cross, now this. :dontknow:
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    So totally out of the blue, I am HAMMERED with arthritis in my fingers.

    I feel for you. That's always been my biggest fear. It scares me having a significant portion of my income so dependent on physical well-being. Please keep updating.
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    I put the tram bar in the 'normal' position, so it's not stretching the strings, it's relieving the tension. They always come out of the case in tune. Because it's been my main road guitar, Casper has spent most of its life in the case (I almost never take it out unless I'm using it for a...
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    My latest creation:

    It wasn't too difficult - It's not flawless either, but it's my first attempt.
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    FYI: I've stored all my PRS guitars with the tram arm on since 1986, and never had a problem.
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    My latest creation:

    Hey, I may be skinny, but at least I'm old! Wait, what?
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    My latest creation:

    This is my 1987 ST24 that Len Johnson tricked out for me. I love the tone and the way it plays, but hated the way the guitar kind of got lost in pics and vids. I no longer have that problem. :)
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    A Mr. Frank Clarke Production… MUST SEE!

    Cool! You have a great kid there.
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    A Mr. Frank Clarke Production… MUST SEE!

    Thanks Les! @ Raven17 -- That's so cool - who's your daughter??
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    A Mr. Frank Clarke Production… MUST SEE!

    bwahahahaha... This is a video I produced and edited for my school. As a day gig, I teach Multimedia Production (and AP Language) at Thomas Stone High School in Waldorf MD. A few weeks ago, I had a brainstorm to do this video, and just went for it, guerilla-style. My students shot the...
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    Floyd Rose PRS in Action!

    This was the first song of the night (Stripped To The Bone - title track from our first album) at the Frankie and the Actions reunion show 2 weeks ago. Sold-out show, way over capacity, and a hellva lotta fun. I'm playing the Cobra jet, my Floyd-equipped PRS ST24.
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    Eleven Rack anyone?

    I have one in my studio rack that I use for quick turnaround on commercial tracks. I wouldn't personally use one live, but I'm a tube-amp guy. If I was going to use one of these, I'd pick the Eleven Rack way ahead of the Pod HD500.
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    Studio Hair Tearout Month!

    Wow, Les, what a nightmare. Thanks for shatring, it makes me feel like I'm not alone lolololol. I do the same kind of work as you, and I started down that same road a few years ago - upgrading and finding incompatibilities, etc. It was killing my profit margin. So what I did was build 2...
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    Do you play your PRS out?

    Only for about 27 years... :biggrin: From 1986... To last night's sold-out show: That's the way a rock guitar is supposed to hang. You guys need bigger amps and longer straps. :P
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    How Metal - I Went Into Frankie Mode!

    That looks really cool. And I'm a huge Dr. Who fan as well!! The weeping angels have always creeped me out. Them and those things that you can't remember. (lol that I can't remember their names)
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    I Caved !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Stripey goodness.
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    Six beat-up PRS guitars...

    It indicates that the toggle is now located where god intended it to be. :rock: Seriously, it does nothing but light up (9v battery). Great guitar though. I think all-mahogany PRS guitars just sound best through this rig, which is why I built Lucky 13 to begin with. The 2 maple-capped...
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    Six beat-up PRS guitars...

    I promise you, they're anything but clean. :) The camera lies.