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  1. TSTone2

    First post...Strat to PRS

    Welcome. I have recently transitioned from the 25.5" scale 21-22-24 fret to the 25" scale 22 fret., not a big dealt for me. I still play both.
  2. TSTone2

    NGD...Very Soon!

    Congrats! And welcome. I've been having a mid life crisis for many years....So they say !
  3. TSTone2

    S2 Pickup Cover Question

    Very Nice.
  4. TSTone2

    S2 Pickup Cover Question

    Thanks- I haven't had time to start taking it apart yet. I really want to keep the covers on. Only going to swap out the bridge pup. I'm happy with the stock neck (and middle position sounds).
  5. TSTone2

    S2 Pickup Cover Question

    Will a standard spaced (pole pieces) Seymour Duncan pickup fit under an S2 Pickup Cover ? Would an "F" Spaced fit ?
  6. TSTone2

    NGD S2 SC Standard

    To my ears, the neck pup sings well. I have a few spare Duncan Humbuckers to try out in the bridge.
  7. TSTone2

    NGD S2 SC Standard

    I'm already ready for another.......
  8. TSTone2

    Why PRS is gaining share in the guitar market

    Thank You and yes, a few posted in General Discussion. S2 Single cut Standard Charcole Satin...Diggin' it!
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    After a semi-failed solo gig last summer, I convinced myself that instead of chasing tone and buying gear, it was time to practice more. I would normally only jam on the weekend 2-3 hours per night. But now I try to sit down at least a 1/2 hour or so every Sunday through Thursday night and...
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    NGD S2 SC Standard

    Ohh Yea......
  11. TSTone2

    NGD S2 SC Standard

    Part of the reason I chose this because of discontinuation. Not to go up in value but to have one of the last....
  12. TSTone2

    NGD S2 SC Standard

    As promised. My first PRS. Very impressed at how solid this guitar is. I selected the lowest price point as a start, and wow. I can see more PRS' in my future, but any future purchases would have to be approved by the board CFO, The Wife. She like this one so the future is promising...
  13. TSTone2

    String gauges

    I use 9's on 2 guitars in standard tuning. 10's on 2 that are a half step down, 1 dropped tuning. and 11's on2 that are a whole step down, 1 dropped tuning. I used to use 9's on everything. For me, they all have a place. YMMV
  14. TSTone2

    Any Katana Mini fans?

    I have a Kat 50, 1X112 on top of a Fender Princton112 from the 90's. Both SS, overkill for a small practice setup but sounds nice. I don't have a mini, btw Main rig is a little bigger. \m/
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    Why PRS is gaining share in the guitar market

    Awesome read. My 1st PRS should be arriving tomorrow. Proud to be part of this Family !
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    Introduce yourself!

    Hi, new here. Hoping to add a PRS to arsenal soon. Based on budget, leaning towards an S2. Debating SC or DC. I'll be on the search for information. Tom