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    Carlos playing a gold single cut for superbowl?

    I think it was actual gold foil. I saw a good foil single cut back in July when I visited the factory. It was a true gold foil. One piece at a time.
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    Counterfeit 2011 SC58

    The screw holding the truss rod cover should be countersunk. It should set flush with the cover.
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    PRS CU with 3 humbuckers? Why not!

    Glad to see another deadhead who loves PRSi.
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    2013 DGT Artist (Pics)

    How did you get that with a stained neck? Is that an option with the artist pack? I thought they only did clear coats on necks.
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    Replacement blade switch for PRS SE C24

    Should be a five way blade with 4 lugs for the coil taps. Dimarzio sells them.
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    prototype pickups

    Maybe a hotter version of the 408's?
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    Spec Your Artist Package

    I can't wait to see the pics of that one.
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    Is this normal or should I return this guitar?

    Sounds like the fingerboard is too dry which has made it shrink. A local repair man should be able to file the ends and sand/ polish.
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    New pups for the H2

    I am curious about this as well. What about some Seth Lovers?