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  1. Tucson Thump

    Who Would You Want To Front Your Band?

    As I was driving today I was listening to Eric Burdon and thinking about how much I enjoy his singing. Then I heard Koko Taylor and was thinking about how it would be fun to play behind her. That got me to thinking how many great singers there are and have been. Who would you want to be your...
  2. Tucson Thump

    NGD (updated with pix): I did a purple thing

    You should have your own niche magazine.
  3. Tucson Thump

    OT: Figured wood fans: Claro walnut table

    She's not interested in a woodpecker?
  4. Tucson Thump

    Noisy and microphonic pickups in early Special Semi-hollow

    You could try a Furman SS-6B power strip to block EMI and RFI and also add surge protection. My house wiring is dirty and this cleans it up.
  5. Tucson Thump

    Noisy and microphonic pickups in early Special Semi-hollow

    Your bio says Tacoma, WA, and you purchased it from a dealer in England if I read this right. I'm curious as to how this would work out warranty-wise. If warranty is through PRS USA and you are the original owner I would have the dealer contact the factory and get a Fed Ex return shipping...
  6. Tucson Thump

    OT: Figured wood fans: Claro walnut table

    That wood pattern looks like sound already.
  7. Tucson Thump

    New M1 Lappletop

    I've been using a Mac Pro 2013 trashcan for about six years now. TB2 connections with full sized USB slots. When I bought an Apollo X6 last year I had to make connections with USB, TB2 and now TB3. I found that this was great in providing all sorts of connection alternatives, although I still...
  8. Tucson Thump

    Feature I wish Reverb had...

    Do you still get to leave feedback on this clown so that others are wary?
  9. Tucson Thump

    Your choice for a $100-ish Wah

    I wonder why that happened. Who was the first session guitarist who changed the association from "White Room" to bedroom?
  10. Tucson Thump

    Wonderful Clip - Granddaughter's Real Deal Show

    You certainly have a reason to "yodel-le-e-hoo", grandpa.
  11. Tucson Thump

    Random. No more or less

    Why is it that some people have charisma and others don't?
  12. Tucson Thump

    Random. No more or less

    They'd get a sell-out crowd if they offered a fundraiser ..... $10 for a pie to shove in Castellini's face.
  13. Tucson Thump

    Refreshing UPS Tracking…

    The new mop bucket is stainless? Can't wait to see!
  14. Tucson Thump

    Refreshing UPS Tracking…

    I had ordered something from Virginia and it was supposed to arrive yesterday via FedEx, and I imagine it would have arrived had it not been for someone in Phoenix putting it on a truck to go Gallup, New Mexico.
  15. Tucson Thump

    The best color for a PRS in your opinion?

    Some colors seem more consistent than others. Blood Orange can look fabulous or kind of hideous. All in all I like a McCarty Vintage Sunburst
  16. Tucson Thump

    I have made a momentous decision

    It is. I always keep one of the guitars in open G. As a tuning you will hear Richards' licks first, but if you keep playing with it there are all sorts of other things going on.
  17. Tucson Thump

    Had an unfortunate mishap this weekend (battle scars!!!)

    From your photos it appears that the top is unscathed, and the top is all the audience sees so to them you're still a rock n roller so all is good.
  18. Tucson Thump

    Error on the Private Stock COA - SOLVED

    I know the feeling, have gone through the angst, and learned it just isn't worth it until it is worth it. Congrats on the new PS
  19. Tucson Thump

    Sergio Saturday

    I have a picture of Keef tacked on the wall of my music room, so that every day I can say "I'm Lookin' Good!"
  20. Tucson Thump

    Error on the Private Stock COA - SOLVED

    I'd suggest that you relax and follow course with PRS before worrying about scenarios that may or may not happen down the road. It will all work out to your satisfaction if you let it.