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  1. Tonart

    Private Stock Special Semi-hollow Limited Edition

    I’ve missed seeing new runs from PRS PS! There’s been too few over the years!
  2. Tonart

    Post Pictures of your PRS that look like '59 Bursts

    Okay technically this looks better than a 59…
  3. Tonart

    The best color for a PRS in your opinion?

    Dark and brooding. Always.
  4. Tonart

    In praise of my Paul's Guitar...

    Yup I got you first time. Just wanted to let you know how close you were to the mark with “Dirty”…..LOL!
  5. Tonart

    In praise of my Paul's Guitar...

    The stain is actually called Dirty Violin!
  6. Tonart

    The Collection Part 3: SE Love time

    My main playing guitar is now an SE Paul’s. Also have a SE Bernie that has the tone of an R9! Love it!!
  7. Tonart

    In praise of my Paul's Guitar...

    Here’s a couple that used to be Paul’s personal guitars. PPG’s, as they were. The dark one has a chaltecoco neck while the lighter one has a pernambuco neck.
  8. Tonart

    In praise of my Paul's Guitar...

    Yes the pic is true with no processing of any kind..
  9. Tonart

    In praise of my Paul's Guitar...

    That would be Fire Red and 2021, I think!
  10. Tonart

    What’s your opinion on using a Private Stock as a main instrument?

    Playing for me is all about the music that’s in my head, so I don’t need a PS for that. My main is a Paul’s SE and it already has enough X factor on it. Also, simply owning and seeing my PS in pristine condition makes me happier than playing them. I can’t fight the math.
  11. Tonart

    Favorite Top Figuring

    Another example from recent PSF. Though I’ve yet to decide what meaning it conveys! :p
  12. Tonart

    Favorite Top Figuring

    Where the figuring by some fluke ends up looking artistic, resembling nature or even conveys meaning, that’s where the money is for me!
  13. Tonart

    NGD Is every Private Stock like this one???

    Private stock guitars sometimes have the feel of an artifact, especially those with rare woods and blessed with great tone at the same time. And they call it a tool! :D
  14. Tonart

    NGD: 2022 WL HBII

    African Blackwood is PS territory! The whole guitar is PS territory!
  15. Tonart

    New to the Family

    That’s just full of class!
  16. Tonart

    It would be cool if PRS made...

    That actually looks quite cool! Not so much like an LP to my eyes. I think the thin body and fatter bottom would distinguish itself. Perhaps the rounded section could flare out a little more, or have a bit of a gradient as it joins the neck. That might add a bit of character! The Santana shape...
  17. Tonart

    It would be cool if PRS made...

    I can see your point, but it’ll be one with a much cooler headstock, a trem, and one that doesn’t break your back. :cool:
  18. Tonart

    It would be cool if PRS made...

    Thanks! I think that’s also based on the standard PRS singlecut shape. What I wonder is if they literally take the Santana body shape and simply rounded off one of the horns.
  19. Tonart

    It would be cool if PRS made...

    LOL sure! It’s Aquamarine stain but looks a little green due to the clear coat yellowing a little and the blue fading a little. The inlay is a west street “dragon”. Here’s the only full pic I’ve taken so far, alongside a fellow pernambuco necker. I’ll whisper to the guitar that it’s found a fan! :D
  20. Tonart

    It would be cool if PRS made...

    I can’t recall where I’ve posted this one before. Sporadically here and there. But here’s more shots! I think a singlecut version would be really cool!