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  1. WA Paul

    The most beautiful blue colorway

    Ocean Mist Glow Aquamarine
  2. WA Paul

    Private Stock Friday

    My crappy old camera doesn’t capture it right - it’s much better in person. If you like tropical water, it’s perfect. Really reminds me of Hapuna Beach on the Big Island.
  3. WA Paul

    Private Stock Friday

    OMG is my avatar, a PS P245T The PSF picture looks like Blue Fade Glow (now just Blue Glow?) with a smoke burst. Notice the colors are much darker than mine. Direct sunlight (don’t worry, no fading occurred LOL)
  4. WA Paul

    OT: Figured wood fans: Claro walnut table

  5. WA Paul


    Wowza! Killer woods all around, especially that body!
  6. WA Paul

    Soon to be NGD!

    Congrats, that is FIRE!
  7. WA Paul

    New core Silver Sky color ? Or a one-off for Mayer ?

    Guilty as charged! :p
  8. WA Paul

    Marsden Huber Model. What Gives?

    PRS, Huber, they’re both great, as is Bernie!
  9. WA Paul


    Wowza, beautiful HB there, congrats!
  10. WA Paul

    Neck and fretboard wood suggestions for a PS build?

    If you go with a mahogany neck, check out Dark Peruvian Mahogany. I have it on a DC594 and a PS Tony McManus and it has tremendous tone and sustain, Other ones possibly in the vault to check out are Cuban Mahogany and what they simply used to call South American Mahogany (Honduran?). For...
  11. WA Paul

    Private Stock build delivered on PS Friday

    Pattern neck carve on a C24? So much win! What color glow finish is that? Looks terrific with the inlay.
  12. WA Paul

    The best color for a PRS in your opinion?

    Laguna (smokeburst) can be rather nice
  13. WA Paul

    NGD! First PRS day! SC245 Emerald Green

    Congrats, short Scale SC guitars sound better! :)
  14. WA Paul

    so my wife just said this...

    Challenge accepted? :)
  15. WA Paul

    NGD: SC594SH River Blue

  16. WA Paul

    NGD (OMG Private Stock!)

    Congrats, stunning guitar! Great color for that quilt top! OMG is for Ocean Mist Glow, my avatar color :p
  17. WA Paul

    NGD: PRS Private Stock McCarty 594 Hollowbody II

    Beautiful! I have a few with Dark Peruvian Mahogany necks and there is some serious sonic voodoo going on with those! Love the 594 scale length and Pattern Vintage neck carve. But you should try a full Brazilian RW neck at least once in your life :)
  18. WA Paul

    The best color for a PRS in your opinion?

    Some days I prefer the tropics
  19. WA Paul

    The 594 McCarty

    Beautiful! Love the Pattern Vintage neck shape on the 594